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MODX integrations.

Anyone who has ever had a new site built knows that often a lot of data has to be transferred manually. For example, product catalogs, images, texts, or the data from your ERP system. 

At Sterc we are huge fans of the MODX content management system. That has many reasons, but the enormous flexibility is one of the biggest advantages. With the right knowledge you can connect MODX to practically all systems, web services, and software. This way you save time (and therefore money) and you can focus on improving your services, instead of taking over your data stupidly.

We can connect this with MODX

You have already read that we can link everything that is readable. We understand that that is still a bit vague, so below you see an overview of things that we can link anyway.

HubSpot and MODX

HubSpot & MODX.

MODX and HubSpot, two powerful platforms that collaborate flawlessly. With this combination, you can achieve your goals, turn leads into customers, and turn customers into true evangelists.

More about HubSpot & MODX

Inriver and MODX

inRiver & MODX.

PIM software inRiver is a complete toolkit for product management. When connecting inRiver with MODX, you can quickly bring your products to the general public, present them in your unique way while managing everything in one place.

Learn more about inRiver

Mailchimp and MODX

Mailchimp & MODX.

Mailchimp is the all-in-one marketing platform for creating newsletters, social posts, advertisements, and landing pages. Get started with online marketing, while efficiently managing your digital platform with the MODX CMS.

Learn more about Mailchimp

Exact and MODX

Exact & MODX.

Connect Exact and MODX for powerful automation of accounting, financial, ERP, HRM, and CRM processes, while working inside a solid CMS.

Discover Exact



Organize your business processes as efficiently as possible with ERP software SAP. Connect SAP with MODX, and all critical data is transferred automatically. Super efficient!

Learn more about SAP



With AFAS, you manage and automate administrative business processes for Financial, CRM, HRM, Payroll, Order management, and Projects. Connect with MODX so that you can manage all vital data digitally in one place.

Get to know AFAS

Microsoft Dynamics and MODX

Microsoft Dynamics & MODX.

Connect with ERP and CRM software Microsoft Dynamics so that you have all collected data from projects, leads, and customers in one place, while you work in the powerful MODX CMS.

Discover Microsoft Dynamics

Salesforce and MODX

Salesforce & MODX.

With Salesforce, you build great relationships, because all contact data and interactions are stored in one place. Connect with MODX for a robust exchange of data to your digital platform.

Discover Salesforce

Netsuite and MODX

Netsuite & MODX.

Connect with Netsuite, so you have all the tools for planning, financial administration, e-commerce, and contact management in one package while working with the powerful MODX CMS.

More about NetSuite

Exact Online and MODX

Exact Online & MODX.

Manage your accounting and contact details easily with Exact Online. By linking to the MODX CMS, all data is automatically transferred, while you work with the powerful MODX CMS.

Get to know Exact Online

ActiveCampaign and MODX

ActiveCampaign & MODX.

Store all contact data in one place and get started with marketing automation and email marketing with ActiveCampaign. By linking with MODX, you automatically exchange data so that you can build great relationships with your target group.

Discover ActiveCampaign

Marketo and MODX

Marketo & MODX.

Marketo is a powerful marketing and CRM platform for creating newsletters, social posts, and digital ads, while storing all contact data. Connect with MODX and manage your data and digital platforms in one place.

More about Marketo

Salesforce Pardot and MODX

Salesforce Pardot & MODX.

Getting started with marketing automation? A link with Salesforce Pardot is ideal for B2B organizations and allows you to automate and personalize while working with the powerful MODX CMS.

Discover Salesforce Pardot

Stripe Integration with MODX

Stripe & MODX.

Stripe is your go to platform for both online and offline payments. Stripe integrates perfectly with MODX, so you can ensure your customers of secure payments, while working in the MODX CMS.

More about Stripe & MODX

Can't Find Your Integration?

No worries! We can integrate every external software and system with MODX. Just get in contact with us and we'll find out how to integrate your system with MODX or any other external software.

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