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Salesforce and MODX

Salesforce & MODX.

Optimize customer journeys and turn leads into loyal customers

Get to know your leads inside and out, and offer them proposals that precisely match their needs. Salesforce CRM allows you to save all contact data and interactions so your marketing team can optimize the customer journey, sales can create personalized offers, and service can support your customers like never before.

By integrating Salesforce with the MODX CMS, you can show any Salesforce tools on your website and any incoming and outgoing data will be communicated through both systems flawlessly.

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Why use Salesforce as your CRM solution:

  • Let teams work together flawlessly in one system where all their tools come together
  • Save any contact data in Customer 360 and build out your relationships
  • Detect target groups and optimize their customer journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Create personalized sales offers with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Support customers 24/7 with Salesforce Service Cloud
Integrate with Salesforce CRM Customer 360

Salesforce CRM: Build better relationships with Customer 360.

Salesforce offers several tools to bring your teams closer together and map the customer journey to streamline your processes. In the center of these tools lies Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management software, Customer 360. This is where any contact data and interactions are saved, so your marketing, sales, and service teams learn everything there is to know about your leads and customers and meet their sky-high expectations. Now, marketing can act on your leads’ needs, sales closes deals faster, and service builds long-term relationships.

Integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Optimize and automate the customer journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce’s CRM allows you to build a database filled with customer data your marketing team can use to personalize and automate campaigns, target groups, content, and even the entire customer journey. Now, you’ll send the right message to the right person at the right time so you can create valuable, qualified leads and send them to your sales team to turn into long-term customers.

Integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Use Salesforce Sales Cloud for efficient and personalized sales.

Gain insights in your sales pipeline and get in touch with your customers via the channel they want with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Use data from Customer 360 to find out which campaign a lead came from and use this to learn their needs and create a personalized offer. All deals are managed in Sales Cloud, so you can see the deal status within the blink of an eye and find out in which stage deals get stuck to optimize the sales process. Next, you get in touch with your leads and follow up with them so you can turn leads into customers.

Integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud

Build long-term relationships with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Help customers in the way they want with Salesforce Service Cloud. Besides standard methods such as calling, emailing, and chatting, Salesforce allows you to offer 24/7 support with the help of chatbots and self-service tools. This way, customers can find the answers to their questions themselves at any moment. And if they can’t find the answer? The chatbot will forward the customer to the right service rep.

Integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to create unique product recommendations.

Create online shops or optimize the digital shopping experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Manage your webshop, products, prices, orders, and stock directly within Salesforce and optimize the customer experience by showing personalized product recommendations, allowing them to pay any way they want with multiple payment options, and much more. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you create a webshop that converts.

Salesforce and MODX integrates with any software

Integrate Salesforce with MODX.

Connect Salesforce with the MODX Content Management System to show forms on your website and save filled-in data directly in Salesforce’s CRM, gain insights into how your target groups are interacting with your website, support web visitors with a live chat or chatbot, and manage products and show these with the correct pricing in your webshop.

Integrate Salesforce with any software.

With the help of the flexible MODX Content Management System, we can connect Salesforce to your website while enabling it to integrate with any other software. Now, you can show forms and chatbots on your website and connect it to an ERP system like Exact to connect customers, orders, and planning. Or integrate it with HubSpot to flawlessly connect your marketing and sales activities.

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