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Do you want to start selling online, expand your target group, increase your sales, or offer multiple payment methods to your clients? Whatever your goal is, you can achieve your online goals with a solid strategy based on the Sterc Model and a webshop powered by MODX.

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E-commerce in MODX offers an endless amount of possibilities:

  • Extensive payment methods
  • Dynamic shipping prices based on weight, price, country, or anything else
  • A powerful online presence with possibilities for marketing automation
  • Endlessly expandable webshop
  • Extensive analysis to give you more insight into your customers
strategic Sterce model

Sterc's approach.

Before we get started with your webshop, it’s good to know what online goals you want to achieve. With our Sterc Model, we can create a solid online plan in just three steps! We start with an analysis, then we define your online strategy, and finally, we translate this strategy into a powerful online marketing mix so that you can achieve your online goals.

MODX multichannel

Online Presence.

We work with the  powerful e-commerce tool, MODX Commerce. As part of the MODX Content Management System, you can manage many other products and channels, such as an intranet, an online recruitment environment, and narrowcasting. This CMS gives you the essential online presence you need to convince your customers of your brand’s and product’s value.

Webshop cases

Solid Webshop.

Whatever your goal is, a webshop can fulfil every need you have. MODX Commerce gives you the freedom to give your webshop the look and feel your organization needs. Boost your branding by starting an online fan shop alongside your website, or convince your customers with beautiful pictures that tell a story.

Your webshop doesn’t have to show and sell physical products only. You can also sell subscriptions, eBooks, and online services. Add essential features such as payment methods, shipping info, and forms to get those requests, sales, and payments.

Payments MODX


When your online visitors get to that final stage, it’s crucial that they can pay in any way they want. With MODX Commerce, you can pay with a credit card, Mollie, PayPal, Stripe, IDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, and many more. You determine which methods are available and if your customer has to leave the website for this payment or not. You can offer your customers all the things they need to convert.

Shipping prices MODX

Dynamic Shipping Prices.

Every online store has its own shipping method, from free shipping when spending at least $50 to free shipping in the US, Canada, and Mexico. MODX Commerce gives you the freedom to do what works for you. Your shipping prices can depend on the country, weight, price, or any other customized variable. For example; You might want to offer the option of shipping valuable packages with extra insurance. You’ll have everything you need to guarantee your customers fast and secure shipping.

Formulieren webshop

Keep Them Engaged.

When selling products, you want your customers to stay engaged with your brand, and you want them to come back. Add forms to your webshop so that you can send your customers more information about your company, its products, trends, and coupons through email marketing, inviting them to easily come back to your webshop.

Your customers can also create accounts. This way, they’ll stay involved with your brand and have more insight into their orders, and you’ll get more insight into their online behaviors. See, for example, who has abandoned their shopping cart and convince them to purchase by sending them coupons for the product they left behind. Retargeting has never been any easier.

Status workflows MODX

Status Workflows.

Once the orders are made, you’ll want to know the status of all the orders. In addition to seeing how your customer buys something and getting to know more about their customer journey, it’s useful for your customers too. Status workflows keep both of you informed about the order by sending an email when the order status changes.

In addition to sending emails, you can build custom actions too. You can automatically print shipping labels, update your CRM, or do anything else. You can make your status workflows even more complex and see if a product is actually handed over to the buyer. Create the workflow you need to fulfil everyone’s wishes.

Abandoned Cart

Turn potential customers into returning visitors!

Over 75% of all online shoppers leave their shopping cart, to not miss out on these profits the MODX Commerce Extra Abandoned Cart is introduced. This extra shows you who has abandoned their shopping cart, so you can send appealing messages to this audience, at the exact right time. Send coupons, interesting offers, everything to make sure you turn these potential customers into true customers.

MODX Taxes Management

Tax Management.

Increasing your sales is great! Unfortunately, that means you have to pay more taxes. To charge (and pay) the right amount, you can define different tax rates for every product. MODX can even automatically update the tax rates. MODX shows the default tax rates for the EU and lets you validate your VAT number. Users in the US can integrate with TaxJar to calculate the tax rate.

MODX ecommerce

Integrate with Any Software.

MODX Commerce integrates with everything. Integrate software such as Exact and SAP to automatically update the products and prices in your webshop or send orders to your accounting software. You can integrate contacting possibilities too. Your customers can easily ask their questions via chat, email, or WhatsApp with WhatsApp Business.

Responsive webshop


Almost 60% of all e-commerce revenue comes from mobile, so making your web shop function great on mobile is vital. With MODX Commerce, you always have a responsive website that functions perfectly on phones. When you redirect customers from social media to your web shop, they can easily purchase without you having to worry about a dysfunctional mobile web shop.

MODX commerce scalable

Unlimited Expansion.

Your shop will eventually grow, both online and offline. Luckily, you can endlessly expand your MODX Commerce web shop. You can add an unlimited number of new products and add other features you need to make your web shop an online success.

MODX commerce analytics


Analyzing your results might be the most important thing for your online store. MODX Commerce shows extensive reports by default, but you can also install additional modules to get those extra important details. By integrating your MODX web shop with Google Analytics, you’ll get more insights into your web shop, its products, and your brand.

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All of that is what makes a web shop powerful! Together with a secure, fast, and responsive web shop, we can achieve online results.

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