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Excited about MODX and the freedom it offers, Subaru Ireland wanted a website builder that could bring their platform to the next level with creative freedom. And that’s exactly what we’ve created with the new MODX3 website of Subaru Ireland. The visuals of their powerful cars, content that’s fully customized to their target groups’ unique search and decision behavior, integrations with CRM toolkit LeadFeeder and PIM system inRiver, and the fantastic car configurator let you experience Subaru without leaving your house.

Discover the new Subaru Ireland:

  • An entirely new website with striking visuals and a visual dropdown menu
  • Designed to create frictionless experiences for Subaru’s personas
  • An expanded car configurator that lets you create your own Subaru car
  • Integrations with external PIM and CRM systems to manage contact and product data
  • Integrated with First Auto Finance to set up your financial plan
  • Built with the powerful MODX3 to get complete creative online freedom 

Experience Subaru Ireland now on subaru.ie

Subaru SUV and Crossovers Subaru SUV and Crossovers Subaru SUV and Crossovers Subaru SUV and Crossovers

Meet Subaru.

The Japanese car brand Subaru is famous for its powerful SUVs and Crossovers that provide you with all the safety you may expect of a car, wherever you are. With years of experience, Subaru has created unique technologies and systems that let you drive around the world with confidence. Their new website helps them show off their expertise and unique cars online.

Subaru Visual Website

Discover the new Subaru online.

In a rural country like Ireland, it’s challenging to create a covering dealer network where the consumer has to drive an average an hour to make a test drive or buy a car. Wouldn’t it be great if you could, therefore, experience everything Subaru has to offer online? That’s why the new Subaru platform is super visual. The amazing pictures that show the cars inside and out, the visual dropdown menu that instantly visualizes all the different models, and the car configurator let you experience all of Subaru from your home.

Want to know the best part? Managing the entire platform within the MODX content management system is like child’s play. Subaru can create new content and landing pages in no-time with the help of content blocks and edit pages without effort. The image cropper makes sure that all visual content is cropped correctly and visible on any device.

Subaru Personalization MBTI

Convince your web visitors with personalization.

To convince your web visitors of your power, you need to customize your content to suit their needs. That’s why we’ve created a website that’s fully customized to Subaru’s target audience’s unique search and decision-making behavior. The MBTI-model shows which personality type each persona has and how they make decisions.

We used this knowledge to design their website to make it visually appealing and show all the information their audience needs to make a decision. That’s why when visiting subaru.ie you’ll instantly see the specifications of that impressive Subaru SUV, the most important numbers and stats, and the newest reviews of users and media. You can view all this on their website, but you also download it and take it with you. That’s how you always have essential information with you, and you can make your decision wherever you are.

Subaru Car Configurator

Subaru car configurator

Create your own Subaru

We’ve conducted qualitative interviews with the teams in the discovering phase and did extensive research for configurators. We’ve looked into configurators in the automotive industry, but also tools to configure shoes and houses. We focused on the User Experience (UX) for both the mobile and the desktop versions during this research.

Now you can experience your new Subaru without ever taking one step into a dealership. The extensive 3D models let you view your favorite Subaru from any perspective and configure it the way you want it. Add any necessary features to your favorite Subaru and see how this affects the payment balance. Do you want to experience how a Subaru drives first? That’s also possible! You can request a test drive, select the right model, and pick the date when Subaru will deliver the car to you for the test drive. That’s how you can be 100% sure about your purchase. And when you’re ready to order, Subaru will deliver your configured car to your driveway. Talk about excellent service!

Subaru Specifications Automatically Updated With inRiver

Manage all of your data with powerful integrations.

To manage and update all internal and external data easily and automatically, we’ve integrated marketing automation software LeadFeeder and PIM software inRiver with the MODX CMS. LeadFeeder helps Subaru identify people who have downloaded something from their website and gain insights into their website visitors and interested leads. With this data, they can personalize their marketing and sales activities to their potential customers’ needs. InRiver, on the other hand, updates the specifications of the Subaru car automatically. Want to update it manually? That’s also possible! And that’s how Subaru and its information is always up-to-date.

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