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We Are Sterc.

And we have one rule: One team, one goal. And this goal is achieving online results. Whether this is a new strategy or a new platform, we create it. Together. Together with our multidisciplinary team of craftsmen. Every member with their own specialties and input. With our strategic Sterc model and our years of experience with the MODX CMS, we let strategy and technique go hand in hand. That's how we think and build digital products.

Sterce aanpak

Our approach.

In 4 steps to your digital strategy

1. Discover 💡

In the discovery step, we carefully examine your entire organization and the environment in which your organization works. It’s crucial to know what your organization stands for: why do you do what you do, how do you do this, and - finally - what is it that you do?


3. Translate 🔨

In the ‘Translate’ step, we determine which resources you will be using and how we're going to fill these in. We're discovering the experience journey of your audience, so we know exactly how to design your platform. After designing, we build the entire thing in MODX.

2. Decide 🧭

We find out which course suits your organization best. In this phase, important decisions are taken, and we determine where your organization’s focus will lie. That’s how we will find out who your focus groups are, your propositions, and KPIs.


4. Achieve 🏆

This final step is about achieving your results. The strategy and tactics are in place, the media resources are set up, and now you focus on achieving the results. In this step, we don't just look to your cash flow. Instead, we look at how we can make your organization go the extra mile.

"At Sterc I have the space to develop myself in my field, work on the most diverse and most interesting projects. And that in collaboration with a great group of experts"

~ Sander Drenth

MODX meetup

MODX meetups.

As a big MODX fan, we are happy to represent this great CMS at the many MODX meetups in the Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Belarus, Russia, and Switzerland.

Masterclasses Sterc


Of course, we cannot stay behind. We are happy to share our knowledge with you during our masterclasses! Are you unable to be there and still want to be informed of the latest trends, updates within Sterc or want to get started with your online strategy? Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest blog articles or download our ebooks!

Show me those ebooks Just the newsletter, please



Every working day, the interested and online football talents of our office play a game of FIFA together.

Friday Sterc

The Friday.

Friday afternoon is on us. Together we bring the week to a close. With a beer, of course.

Staff Association Sterc

Staff Association.

Our staff association is fanatical. They organize great trips and ensure everyone is present at party evenings. We watch important football matches together, attend lectures, play laser games, BBQ and more. Are you not a social animal? Then you’ll become one here.

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