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European Aerosols.

Navigate flawlessly through the worlds in spray solutions

To create more recognition, Motip Dupli decided to change its brand name to European Aerosols, the leader in spray solutions. Of course, a new branding needs to be accompanied by a new website! And that’s what we were asked to do: create a new corporate website for the B2B, and to attract exciting applicants. This all-in-one website allows visitors to navigate to the various brand websites with ease, shows which markets European Aerosols operates in, has a careers page and supports resellers in selling their products.

The new European Aerosols platform:

  • is an all-in-one corporate website that allows you to navigate to other brands in an instant, both on the website and in the MODX CMS.
  • lets you find the right information in no time using tags and submenus.
  • has a language selector to guide you to the right language.
  • lets you discover everything about private label aerosols.
  • has a careers page that helps applicants find the job positions available in their country.

Take a look at European-Aerosols.com and discover it yourself!

Navigate quickly to other brands of European Aerosols

Navigate quickly to other brands.

European Aerosols is the parent company of brand websites such as MOTIP, DUPLI-COLOR, Presto, ColorMatic, PlastiKote, and ColorMark. It is therefore essential that visitors can quickly find the right brand through the corporate website. That’s why we’ve added CTA buttons, a clear overview of brands, and an ElasticSearch feature that allows visitors to navigate to the right solution in no time.

Even ‘behind the screen’, in the CMS, European Aerosols can quickly switch between the various websites. The flexibility of MODX allows them to manage every brand website in multiple languages in the same CMS. Talking about the other brand websites: we were asked to redesign them too and they will roll out in the coming year (And yes, we’ll also make some awesome case studies about them ;) ).

Navigate through information

Find the right information in no-time.

Besides quick navigation to the right brand, there are features that also help you to instantly get to any place within the website. Articles are ‘tagged’, so you can view all the articles about a certain subject right away. Also, the submenus shown on the ‘About us’ and ‘Brand’ pages help you reach the right section of a page in just one click.

European Aerosols language selector

The right language in an instant.

The European Aerosols website is available in four languages and you can switch between them effortlessly. To help visitors reach the right language, we’ve added the ‘language selector’, which immediately shows the website in the right language. And if your language isn’t available, you’ll be taken automatically to the English website. Are you still seeing the wrong language? A pop-up will appear that helps you get the right language straight away.

European Aerosols Private Label Brochure

Private label for the B2B.

The corporate website is focused on B2B and helps European Aerosols’ resellers sell their products. Throughout the website, resellers will find more information on how to create their own spray cans with the help of private label products. They can also download the information in a brochure to take with them wherever they go. That’s how European Aerosols makes sure that their products stand out in the best possible way.

European Aerosols Mobile-Friendly
European Aerosols careers page

Start your career at European Aerosols.

The European Aerosols platform also had to be a place where applicants can get to know the company, the employees and the culture. To do this, we’ve created a careers page where you can find a short introduction about any vacant positions and where interested applicants can learn more about the company.

To view the vacancies, you get with one click to the career site of that specific country. Here, you can filter quickly through the vacancies, so you can instantly find the one for you. Even if you can't find your dream job, you can still set a job alert and stay up-to-date for new vacancies. Want to know the best part? An integration with HR Office makes it easy to manage the corporate, brand, and HR website. Bring on those applicants!

European Aersosols sustainability

Laser-focused on sustainability.

European Aerosols is focused on sustainability. This means that all spray cans are of high quality and won’t harm the environment or the users. This is achieved by using the latest technologies in the production of cans and paint, recyclable packaging, and strict quality control. European Aerosols is very proud of the sustainability of its products, that’s why we put their sustainable product in the spotlight by letting it slide into the screen. That way, we draw the attention of visitors to it, even those who only scan the website briefly.

European Aerosols contact

Find your answer fast.

The multiple contact possibilities that European Aerosols offers, allow you to contact them the way you choose. Not only that, but all the information a visitor enters in the contact form is automatically saved in the CRM software, so European Aerosols can help their customers and leads in the best way possible. 

European Aerosols Vcard

Arrange a meeting in no time.

European Aerosols asked us to help them create V-cards, which are sent with their email signature. Interested leads can then visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn in no time. And when they’re interested, they have a choice of ways to get in touch with you fast. This way, it truly is a pleasure doing business ;)

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