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Strategy and technique go hand in hand

Our Approach.

Strategy and Technique Go Hand in Hand

Creating optimized online performances for our clients is our endgame. Your target groups is ours. Of course we don't start our projects without having thought over the how and the why. We lay the foundation with our strategic Sterc model. Because without a strategy, you are nowhere. Without a destination a road map is useless.

We translate this strategy into your digital platform. In both front- and backend, the user is our focus. We deliver tailored platforms, with our open source CMS MODX and its advanced features as a starting point.

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MPC marketing and sales platform


Configure your car, order, and drive away!

Excited about MODX and the freedom it offers, Subaru Ireland wanted to use this CMS to bring their website to the next level. And that's what we've achieved with the new MODX3 website! Including stunning pictures of their powerful cars, content that's fully customized to their target audience's unique decision-making behavior, and integrations with CRM and PIM system. Add the car configurator that allows you to create your own Subaru car to these features, and you can experience Subaru without even leaving your house.

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