Creating sustainable, underground connections, that’s what A.Hak has been focusing on for over 55 years. That has to show online! The different specialisms gas, water, warmth, and electricity flowed together and created a whole new online platform.

Strategic Approach.

There is only one A.Hak. Although divided into multiple divisions, all are focused on sustainable underground infrastructure. This unity had to be shown online, and that’s where we started our strategic approach.

With our Sterc model and the Online Canvas, we started creating a clear mission and vision, which together provide clarity within the organization. We had conversations with all the different divisions of A.Hak and created a coherent whole. A story that they can communicate and that is translated into one online platform.

A.hak platform

The First Step: A New International Website.

A new online platform where expertise, stories, and jobs come together, that’s what A.Hak is all about. With this international website, they show that they are a safe, trustworthy, and sustainable company. By presenting themselves this way online, A.Hak can achieve its goal to become a leader of safely placing sustainable underground infrastructure by 2020. Besides that, they’re focusing on their expertise, core values, and continuously adapting to the developments in the market.

With a fusion of socials and their own Content Management System, A.Hak is in complete control over their online content. That’s how they can present themselves the way they want to.

A.Hak stories platform

Telling Stories.

Freedom, diversity, and a chance to see the world, that’s what A.Hak has to offer their clients and employees. They only had to show it online. With their new website, A.Hak can share compelling stories, showcase their projects from all around the world, and show where they stand for and what they do. This way, those who are interested discover A.Hak not only as a client, but also as an innovative and sustainable company.

A Powerful Career Site.

When interested applicants have discovered everything there is to know about A.Hak, they can look at the enormous number of job opportunities A.Hak has to offer. And with this vast amount, filtering might come in handy. We’ve created an extensive filter where candidates can filter based on the level of education, job position, region, and if they want to work full-time or part-time. 

The beauty of this all is that the vacancies are loaded automatically with an API integration with Carerix. With this integration, A.Hak can quickly add new job opportunities, which are placed automatically on the website and directly in the right design.

To lead applicants to the right web page, A.Hak has added a pop-up that shows how many vacancies are open and navigates those interested to the career page. After filtering and seeing an exciting job, you can apply immediately, see who will be your colleagues, or get in touch with HR. And when there aren’t exciting vacancies for you, you can always subscribe so you’ll always be up-to-date for the newest job opportunities.

A.Hak collaboration

The Future.

A.Hak is continuously developing itself, and that’s where we’d love to help. The online platform we’ve created is the start of a long sustainable partnership.

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