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After being in the EV business for over ten years, EVBox decided to update its brand to better represent the company it is today. With an update of their brand came the need to change their online presence too. That’s why we were asked to work with EVBox’s team to create an entirely new website - both front and backend. The result: An easy-to-manage, multilingual website that allows visitors to find the right product instantly.

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We built a new platform for MOTIP that's entirely based on its four different personas in de B2B and B2C. Now, every visitor instantly finds the right product using the color guide and ElasticSearch, and managing these products is easier than ever through an integration with inriver. The store locator shows you where you can buy these products, and the community shows you how to use them. Finally: the MODX CMS allows you to manage everything in one place. This makes the new MOTIP platform the place for businesses and consumers to instantly find the right products.

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VVV Ameland.

Having worked with us for years, VVV Ameland asked us to update its online presence. We didn't need to be asked twice! Creating a more modern design that's more reflective of its identity, we built a new mobile-first platform that supports guests throughout their journey, with a booking centre, an online portal and an online store. We also made content management more user friendly and integrated ActiveCampaign for marketing automation.

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Being a MODX agency themselves, Relactions acknowledges the power of this great CMS and wanted to learn how to get the most out of the MODX CMS. That’s why they knocked on our digital door to perform a MODX audit and help them unleash their full potential while working with their clients across Europe. Before we knew it, we turned this audit into a powerful collaboration resulting in the joint organization of Rome’s first international MODX meetup!

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