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Bouwhekken Nederland: Mobile-First webshops, a configurator, an integration with Exact Online, and client account.

Bouwhekken Nederland.

Manage five webshops in one multichannel CMS

Having multiple websites in outdated CMSs, Bouwhekken Nederland was looking for a CMS featuring the latest techniques. One centralized place where all of their websites and webshops could come together and get managed. And that’s exactly what we could solve with the powerful MODX CMS! The result was new mobile-first webshops, an integration with Exact Online, and an extensive and user-friendly client account. 

Discover the new Bouwhekken Nederland:

  • New, mobile-first webshops for Bouwhekken Nederland, Bouwhekken België, Dranghekken Nederland, Bouwhek Verkoop and Spanbanden Op Maat
  • An extensive and user-friendly client account
  • Integration with Exact Online for products, orders, and customers

Experience the new Bouwhekken Nederland on bouwhekkennederland.nl

New mobile-first webshops for Bouwhekken Nederland and Bouwhek Verkoop

More than one.

Besides bouwhekkennederland.nl, we also needed to renew bouwhekkenbelgie.be, drankhekkennederland.nl, and bouwhek-verkoop.nl. Preferably, mobile-first and all sites needed to be managed within one CMS. Luckily, we could do this all with the power of multichannel the MODX CMS offers.

We started by creating a mobile-first design for all webshops and added some new features to this. You can now check out with and without an account, filter products, and add multiple contact persons and addresses to your order.

Integration with Exact Online for managing products, orders, and customers

Integrated with Exact Online.

To let all the products, orders, and customers come together in one place, we’ve made an integration with Exact Online possible. With this integration, all data is arranged in one place so that orders are easy to place and can be prepared for delivery. Because everything is shown in one overview, it’s easy to see what every customer has ordered. Now, they can get the best service possible, and you can make sure all products are delivered on time.

Checkout page Bouwhekken Nederland with client account

A new way of ordering.

Now you can order with or without an account. Using an account is perfect for customers who frequently order something because the system saves your preferences and address. This makes placing an order a blast. Besides, you can get interesting discounts and special offers for your next order. And for those who make a one-time order, it’s great that you can still check out without an account.

We’ve also improved the user experience when ordering, with more options. You can now select if you want your construction fences, crowd barriers, or lashing straps delivered at the same address as the invoice. If your invoice needs to be delivered to another location, you can fill-in another address. You can also add multiple contact persons, so the order can be placed by another person than the one that receives it.

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