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Managing 8 locations online in one CMS

When you offer healthcare all over Friesland, you want to be findable online for your patients. This is why we’ve created an all-new mobile-first platform for Synaeda. Here, patients can instantly find the waiting times, treatments, and contact details of each location. Now, new patients can find the information they want and can easily get in touch with the Synaeda location nearby. And that’s exactly how healthcare should be!

Discover the new synaeda.nl:

  • A mobile-first platform showing top tasks that allow users to get where they want to be in no time]
  • All Synaeda locations are managed in one CMS and instantly show their specific waiting times, treatments, and contact details
  • With forms to request repeat prescriptions and referrals
  • With photos and videos that give the website a personal touch

Experience it now on Synaeda.nl

Synaeda website

Synaeda: Mental healthcare located in 8 places.

Being a subsidiary company of GGZ Friesland, you want to offer healthcare throughout Friesland and provide your patients with the right information. That’s why we’ve created a new mobile-first website for Synaeda.

Synaeda offers effective mental healthcare. This means that at the start, they won’t immediately schedule dozens of appointments. Instead, they strive for short treatments and if necessary, they will schedule more appointments. This is how Synaeda tries to let people participate in society as well and smoothly as possible. With this approach, Synaeda can treat more people and that’s beneficial for everyone!

Synaeda website mobile-first design

Mobile-first design.

Showing top tasks so users instantly get where they need to be

Mobile use has skyrocketed. A mobile-first platform is, therefore, crucial to allow users to get where they need to be in no time.

For Synaeda, we started with a mobile-first design where we decided which tasks are most important, so these top tasks are shown by default. For the mobile version of the website, this creates an extra menu at the bottom of the screen that redirects users to the FAQ page, allows them to request prescriptions, view their ‘my Synaeda’ profile, or retrieve contact information of the Synaeda location of their choice.

Synaeda locations Synaeda locations

All locations in one place.

With Synaeda having multiple locations, you want your patients to view the information about one specific location. When someone visits the ‘Contact’ page, all the locations of Synaeda are shown. After choosing one location, you can view all the contact information, treatments, and waiting times.

Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times Synaeda waiting times

Instantly see how fast you can be admitted.

Each location has its own treatments en specialisms and with that unique waiting times. That’s why we’ve created a waiting times module for Synaeda. This way, Synaeda can determine for each location which care they offer and how long new patients need to wait before they can get admitted. That’s how Synaeda easily manage the different locations while patients learn what they can expect.

My Synaeda

My Synaeda.

Synaeda offers its own patient portal of GGZ, where patients can view import documents. We’ve connected this portal to the website, so visitors can get to the portal in just one click.

Synaeda with MODX Formalicious forms

Easily request referrals and prescriptions.

The forms created in our own MODX Extra Formalicious, allow patients to quickly request prescriptions. Once they’ve filled it in, patients will automatically receive a reply so they know their request is received. And if you are a family doctor, company doctor, or medical specialist and want to request a referral of your patient, you can quickly request that too on the new website of Synaeda.

Synaeda jobs

Synaeda jobs.

If you’re not a patient but want to work at Synaeda, the new site is the place to be. All vacancies are easily managed through the MODX CMS and linked with specific locations. Each location shows its own jobs and open vacancies, you can get to know the company, and view your future colleagues and employer through photos and videos.

The face of Synaeda

The face of Synaeda.

To give your website a personal touch, photos and videos are invaluable. That’s why Synaeda’s website is filled with real photos showing the employees of Synaeda. And with an integration with YouTube, Synaeda can also add videos to their website, without slowing it down because of the size of the video.

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