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The online world seems to get more impatient. Online users already leave a website when loading takes longer than 3 seconds. Online speed is the most important thing now, and several methods are crucial to enhance the speed of your website. For MODX, speed has been of great value, and that’s why this CMS loves to help you improve it! In this blog, we tell you more about online speed and how MODX helps you with that.

Google Pagespeed

If you want Google, the most popular web browser worldwide, to show you on page one of its search results, it is essential to regard to its conditions. One of the criteria of Google is speed, also known as Google Pagespeed Score. Google is happy when you use small image formats, keep the code light, and make your website mobile-first all at the same time. When you score high on these and let your site load fast, Google will grant you a higher place in its search results. Want to see what your Google Pagespeed Score is right now? Go to Below we show you some tips & tricks on how to improve your website speed.

Small image/file sizes

You probably know by now that the most crucial tip to keep your website fast is by optimizing your images. This means keeping your file sizes as small as possible and optimizing your images.

Since this year, Google has decided that companies should use the newest file format Webp. This new file format is preferred because it’s smaller and makes your page speed faster. At Sterc, we created a script that automatically converts uploaded images to this file format.

Not only this new file format is essential, but optimizing the images is too. Although Photoshop already optimizes the images, they’re still not optimized for the full 100%. We developed a script for this also. This script checks all the images every hour and optimizes them in the best possible way.

Above the fold

To make your website even faster, all the content on your page mustn’t load all at once. Loading the content could take a long time, especially when you have a complex website. This shouldn’t be necessary, especially when you think of the amount of content your visitors see at once. The content that’s visible when a visitor lands on a page is something we like to call ‘above the fold’ content. You can look at it like a newspaper you haven’t unfolded. The only content you see at that very important should be the most important.

To make sure your above the fold content is loaded faster, we make sure only the styling of that part of the web page is loaded. Besides that, you could also implement lazyload. This way, images won’t be loaded directly, but only when it is visible for the visitor. With this, the most significant delay of your page speed, image loading, is deleted.

Mobile speed

Online speed is crucial, especially on mobile. To create a fast mobile website, you could use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This is a somewhat simplified version of your website that enhances the loading speed and mobile-friendliness of your website. Besides that, Google prefers AMP and shows these before other pages, so the internet user clicks on your website even faster. To know more about mobile improvements for your website, you can always read a blog we wrote about earlier.

Redirect loop

To enhance the speed of your pages, it’s important not to overuse the number of redirects. Although redirects are great when using another URL, you have to make sure you only use one redirect. However, when you still use more than one redirect, Google and every other web browser have to take a path to the correct URL more than once. This is because a web browser is sent to one place at first, then he will notice it shouldn’t be there and is sent to another location, and another, until he finally gets at the right place/page. You can imagine this could take a lot of time, and your loading time will be twice as slow.

Keep it light

A CMS that overloads your website or other online product with code input will affect your page speed. In our previous blog about MODX SEO, we wrote about this too. MODX is a light and smart CMS which base only features the things most needed. This way, your website doesn’t get loaded with code and plugins that aren’t required for you to achieve your goals. That’s how your site stays as fast as lightning.

Supersonic server

Sometimes your website may be super fast, but it still doesn’t show when your server or web hosting isn’t fast enough. Web hosting parties nowadays offer cheap services, one even less expensive than the other. But that means you have to compromise on the hosting. This can be negative for your speed, security, and online performance.

Caching = Kaching

‘Cache is King’, a saying frequently used, and indeed not lied about. Caching is the saving of content on the pages your visitors have visited. By saving content, it doesn’t have to be loaded all again the next time a visitor visits this page.

MODX has a robust caching system and caches content automatically. It even creates a folder where you can find all the cached content, and this empties whenever a ‘Resource’ (a page in the MODX CMS) is created or saved. Besides that, MODX offers several caching packages that let you determine when and if a cache should be emptied and what should be deleted.

To enhance your Google Pagespeed score in the best way possible, it’s essential to take a look at several things. Do you want to improve your Google Pagespeed Score, but don’t know where to start? We would love to help you. Together we make sure your website is fast and visible.

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