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Marketing automation

Marketing Automation.

Learn How to Generate More Leads, Improve Customer Service, and Increase Conversions

Marketing automation offers you the chance to get started with marketing campaigns that have an impact and make your target group interested in your company. With marketing automation, you can automize activities, personalize your content, minimize the friction between you and your audience, and maximize the way sales and marketing work together!

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is all about data. Data lets you automate certain marketing activities and personalize your content. With marketing automation, you no longer have to send your email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and ads manually, and you can do more in less time. Not only is this tool super-efficient, but it also allows you to offer content relevant to your online users wherever they are in their customer journey. You’ll give every user a unique experience in your website, app, or other online product, and they’ll convert better than ever.

Learn more about our favorite marketing automation software HubSpot and ActiveCampaign.

Learn more about HubSpot Discover ActiveCampaign

Workflow HubSpot

Marketing Efficiency.

The most significant advantage that marketing automation has to offer is that you no longer have to perform certain marketing activities manually. Marketing automation also helps you manage leads, simplify the customer journey, personalize content, and it brings marketing, sales, and service closer together. You can use marketing automation to achieve every branding, lead, sales, service, and recruitment goal.

HubSpot lead management

Powerful Lead Management.

Marketing automation lets you generate more traffic, convert leads, and keep up with any customer journey. All the information about your leads from all different channels comes together in one place. With marketing automation, you’ll get an extensive contact database so that you can nurture your leads better than ever before.

Create a Personalized Experience.

Personalization is fundamental for marketing automation and can only be achieved with a lot of data. This data could be from Google, such as website visits, clicks, and so on, and also data such as buyer histories, newsletter opens, and other online customer behavior.

When you obtain enough information and insights about the behavior of your online users, you can show them the content they want when they are ready for it. This compelling content lets you guide your leads through the funnel so that they convert faster and easier.

Funnels Funnels

Achieve Your Goals.

Marketing automation can be used for any goal. You can generate more leads, become more visible, and improve your services. Leads can not only increase your sales but also be interesting for you to recruit. You can use marketing automation the way you want to achieve your goals.

Improve Your Leads.

Within marketing automation platforms, you can get started with lead scoring, allotting points for every activity a lead executes. Leads get points when they download, request, view, or click on something. That way, you can qualify your leads and know which leads are the interesting ones for sales to work with.

At Sterc, we also work with lead-scoring inside the marketing automation platform HubSpot. Based on the behavior of online visitors, we give them points. This way, our sales team sees only the leads that are qualified by the marketing activities, and marketing knows where to improve their activities.

HubSpot forms and CTA HubSpot forms and CTA

Become Visible.

When the marketing activities are automated and personalized, you’ll stand out from the crowd. You can create the valuable content your target group desires and let them easily convert by creating calls-to-action that can’t be ignored.

HubSpot Sales Sequence HubSpot Sales Sequence

Double Your Sales.

Qualifying leads makes sure your sales team receives only the contacts who are interesting to them. You’ll not only increase your sales but also bring marketing and sales closer together. That’s how marketing automation improves your marketing-sales alignment.

HubSpot Chatbot HubSpot Chatbot

Create Fans.

With marketing automation, you’ll not only generate new leads but also improve your contact with existing clients. You can guide your online visitors through your website with a virtual assistant or have a chatbot quickly answer all the questions your customers have. This way, leads will become customers, and your customers will stay involved with your brand.

Recruit the Right People.

Not only can your marketing and sales team benefit from marketing automation, but your HR team can benefit too. Where you can generate leads, you can also draw the attention of exciting applicants.

Give your company’s pages and recruitment pages other lead scores and create CTAs so that enthusiasts can receive more information about your company. You can also notify your HR department when someone visits several company pages. From there, you can send information to a specific person, get in contact with him/her, or find out what that person is interested in.

Strategisch Sterce model Strategisch Sterce model

Your Marketing Automation Software.

At Sterc, we acknowledge the power of marketing automation, which is why we love to help you implement marketing automation in your business. We’ll start with the Sterc Model to define your strategy. After finding out how we can implement marketing automation, we'll find the right marketing automation software for you.

MODX integrations MODX integrations

MODX & Marketing Automation.

The powerful MODX CMS is the perfect platform for marketing automation because we can integrate platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce Pardot. This CMS brings everything together in one place so that you use marketing automation even more efficiently.

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Discover Marketing Automation Software HubSpot!

Download The Ultimate HubSpot Guide to learn everything about automation, personalization, forms, progressive profiling, chat, and much more!

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