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Online portal.

Create a unique portal for your customers and partners

If you want to provide the best possible service and enable your customers and partners to access exclusive up-to-date content, an online portal is the right solution for you. An online portal ensures that your customers, dealers and partners can always see the latest information about your products and services and quickly find answers to their questions.

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An online portal allows you to:

  • Maintain a virtual connection with your customers and partners
  • Improve your service and increase customer autonomy
  • Build a community
  • Present unique content
  • Upsell and cross sell
  • Keep personal information secure
  • Display statistics so your partners can monitor their performance
  • Send your customers and partners personalized updates
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Improve your service.

Today’s customers expect better service and they want to be able to resolve issues themselves. A dedicated portal gives customers more autonomy. They can log into their unique platform, where they can find specific documents, search for products, parts, dealers and partners, re-order previous orders and view past queries, so they don’t have to ask the same question twice. If they can’t find the information they need, or if they require further assistance, you can direct them to their contact person or invite them to create a service ticket.  All of this combined ensures that your customers and partners receive the service they expect.

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Create a knowledge base.

For your online portal to be a valuable resource, it needs to include a comprehensive knowledge base. This allows users to access relevant information, such as manuals, specifications, warranties, corporate identity guidelines, manuals, videos and content that isn’t otherwise publicly available. Your customers and partners then have all this knowledge at their fingertips. 

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Provide up to date product information.

Partners who sell your products and services need accurate information. But making sure that your portal always displays the latest information can be a challenge. Product Information Management tools ensure that details of new products, features and improvements, together with photos, videos, 3D models, technical specifications, prices and discounts, are automatically updated as part of an integrated process. So your partners are well informed and can represent your products and services with the utmost professionalism.

Community building with an online portaal

Build a community.

Excellent service inspires trust and creates valuable brand ambassadors who keep coming back. These loyal ‘fans’ form a strong community that comes together in your portal. You can ask for feedback to better understand their needs and improve existing products. You can also gauge their reactions to new ideas and allow them to converse with each other. With this consumer panel, you can create new products that will keep your customers happy and attract new ones.

Own dashboard with unique content

Make information easy to find.

Users of your online portal need to have an account to log in. This allows you to build a profile. You can then create user-specific dashboards that display documents related to their purchases and the contact details of their contact person within your company, so users can quickly find the information they need in their preferred language.

If partners or dealers need to create documents that match their corporate identity, you can show documents in their corporate identity on your online portal.

Personalized updates with a client portal

Personalized updates.

Your partners and customers want to keep up with what’s going on in your company. They want to know about the latest product improvements and what they can expect in the future. You can share exciting news about your organization through your online portal. You can also draw attention to particular products. And since you know which products users engage with and which updates are likely to be of interest, you can send them personalized emails with relevant news.

Client portal for e-commerce


A client portal is an essential part of e-commerce. It allows customers to view information about products, order and reorder products and parts, add items to their wishlist, track deliveries and check the status of returns. It also makes upselling easier.

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Sales enablement.

Your partner portal needs to provide sales enablement tools to help your partners, dealers and resellers sell your products. This might include virtual training sessions and simulation training for new dealers. You can also add configurators, calculators and an invoice generator to help dealers quickly find the right product, locate specific parts and create customized quotes.

Gain insights in sales activities and performance

Show sales performance.

If you work with resellers, it is helpful for them to be able to monitor their progress in relation to the targets you have defined. Your portal can include a dashboard that displays up-to-date sales performance statistics, so resellers can keep track of their progress.

Secure online portaal

Keep personal information secure.

To log in to your portal, users have to provide sensitive information that must be protected from hackers. MODX is a content management system (CMS) that enables your customers, partners and dealers to log in quickly and securely. If they attempt to access their account using an unknown device, they receive an email to verify their identity. Once they have logged in, they immediately see their personalized dashboard.

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Your partners want to be able to access the information they need when they need it, whether they are on the way to a potential customer or about to present your product. And your customers want to be able to access the services you provide when they need them: if they want to find a dealer or check the user manual if something is not working the way it should. Our responsive and mobile-friendly online portals enable you to provide the service your partners and customers expect.

Multichannel CMS MODX


MODX is a multichannel content management system (CMS). This allows you to publish content across different channels. You can add content to your website, feature it on your online portal, display it on your digital signage screens, post it on your intranet, and present new products in your online store. A multichannel CMS gives you complete control of your content across all your different channels without having to log in or keep switching screens.

Integrate all your systems.

MODX can also be integrated with any external system to support administrative tasks, compile customer data, update product information, simplify email marketing and support marketing automation.

For example, it can be combined with a Product Information Management (PIM) solution such as inRiver to automatically update product information, so this doesn’t need to be done manually every time something changes. It can be connected to ERP software such as Exact, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics for administrative tasks and planning. It can be integrated with email marketing and marketing automation tools such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Marketo or Pardot to automatically send emails. And it can be combined with software that allows you to automatically receive orders and improve your service by automatically sending service requests to the right person or department. 

We can connect the MODX CMS to all of the tools you need to work as efficiently as possible.

Volledige integratie MODX met HubSpot en ActiveCampaign

Complete integration with ActiveCampaign and HubSpot.

If you already use ActiveCampaign or HubSpot CRM and marketing automation tools, we can integrate them with the MODX CMS. This will allow you to save all data and interactions in one place. You can then use this information to make your portals more user-friendly, create unique content for each segment of your target audience, distribute it and display it at the right time, and get insights into your customers’ journey.

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