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Do you want to get more leads and more business or increase your sales and gain more revenue? Whatever your goal may be, a website is a powerful tool for achieving your online goals. Discover our websites!

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Webshop Sterc


A webshop is a true sales generator, both online as offline. Do you use your webshop to generate more sales, expand your target group, or offer multiple payment methods to your clients? With a webshop, you'll turn leads into customers from all around the world, while managing your stock, revenue, and shippings from the MODX CMS. Want to know more?

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Mobile Sterc


From a Progressive Web App to the newest ways of searching, mobile is becoming a crucial device for any marketer. With Sterc, you're confident of a platform that functions on every device. Great for your visitors, and you can start using excellent features that this teeny-tiny device offers. Are you ready for mobile?

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Intranet Sterc


An intranet is a perfect tool for internal communications. Quickly share information, processes, files, data, and news with all your colleagues wherever they may be. An intranet is a place where all employees come together and can find relevant information. Want to know how to get a successful intranet?

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Career site Sterc

Career site.

A career site that does its job sounds great! This is the place where HR and applicants meet and get in contact with one another. As an organization, it's crucial to leave a lasting impression so that the best applicants will apply to your company. Want to get started with your career site?

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Digital signage

Digital signage.

Communication via big screens, both for your internal as external target groups. Digital signage is a spot-on marketing method. With the digital signage systems of Sterc, updating sheets has never been easier.

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HubSpot is the all-in-one toolkit for modern marketing, sales, and service. This platform brings all departments together, so they can build a strong relationship with your target groups. Give your target groups the attention that they deserve with personalized content, sales mailings they can't resist, and awesome contact possibilities. That's how leads will turn into customers, and customers will stay involved. Discover how this platform brings your marketing, sales, and service to the next level.

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Docsify Brochure Generator


Prepare a brochure online in three easy steps. Save on DTP costs and work with the Docsify Brochure Generator from within your own CMS.

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MODX integrations


The power of multichannel and the flexibility of the MODX CMS allow us to create powerful integrations. We can connect any external systems, web services, and software to this CMS. With an integration, we can automatically transfer data from any external software package for CRM, ERP, PIM, PMS, Marketing Automation, Service, Planning, or Chat to MODX. Discover our list with the most known integrations.

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