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Career site.

Create a Meeting Place for Candidates and HR

A career site that does its job sounds like heaven. It is a place where HR and applicants come together and get in contact with one another. It’s crucial to make a great impression to make sure those valuable applicants want to work for your company.

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  • Show your company in the best possible way
  • Get noticed by interesting applicants
  • Save time and remove any barriers
  • Integrate every package and system
  • Create an ever-visible environment
Career site responsive

Become visible!

A career site must draw the attention of exciting candidates and make it easy for them to get in contact with your company. That’s why we created Sterc’s career site. It’s efficient for both the applicant and the HR manager.

With a Sterc career site, you not only save time but also remove any barriers while integrating every relevant package and creating a mobile-first environment. That’s how your company can get noticed online!

Efficient career site with navigation and search

A Career Site with Efficiency.

Navigating quickly through your career site is crucial for getting to the most critical part: the vacancies. Efficient navigation and a great search tool make applying more comfortable than ever before. As an HR manager, you can quickly add new jobs, and the LinkedIn Scraper and Matching Tool make sure the right candidates find your company.

Career Site A.Hak

Remove Any Barriers.

Although vacancies are what your career site is all about, creating a connection might be even more critical. With a career site, you can show yourself from your best angle. An exciting story, powerful video, employee reviews and vlogs, and great photos show what your company stands for. Inspire potential candidates and create an environment where they can already see themselves working.

Get in Contact.

In addition to showing your company’s culture, you also want to make sure candidates feel comfortable connecting with your company. Although a phone call is always a possibility, some applicants may think that it isn’t necessary to call for their questions. By offering other contact options, such as chat or WhatsApp, you can make applicants feel comfortable asking anything about your company.

When potential candidates feel comfortable with and connected to your company and have become fans, you want to keep them up to date with interesting updates and new vacancies. The Job Alert App instantly notifies candidates of new opportunities.

HRM software

Connect Anything.

Some vacancies can have hundreds of applicants. You don’t want to add all these candidates to your HRM package manually. We integrate every relevant package, including those already used by your business. We can connect anything, so we don’t mind if you’re working with Raet, AFAS, ADP, Centric, iCIMS, or any other package.

Mobile-first career site


Most vacancies are viewed on mobile devices, which makes a mobile-first career site crucial. When creating a mobile-first career site, you can be 100% sure that your candidates can use it and that it looks good on any device. Accessibility from any device is important for not only applicants but also Google. At Sterc, we always create mobile-first career sites so that vacancies are easy to find, view, and share.

strategic Sterce model

Strong Collaboration.

Do you want to start attracting the most valuable candidates to your company? Our Sterc model lets you determine what your career site needs to get that well-deserved attention. Together, we will define your goals and translate them into necessary features. We will create labor market communication as you’ve never seen it before.

MODX multichannel

Manage Everything from One Place.

You will manage your career site within the MODX content management system. You can easily add new vacancies, share content across multiple channels, and manage all applicants in one place. Don’t think a career site will do the job? Want the site to be multilingual? You can quickly deal with these issues through the MODX CMS. MODX is a multichannel CMS that can be expanded infinitely.

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