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MODX Digital Signage weather

Digital signage.

In-company communication via screens with both your internal and external target group is a spot-on marketing method. It shows the right message at the right time for the right target group. There simply is no better way to inform and influence people. Sterc's narrowcasting system, which can be centrally controlled in MODX, makes updating sheets the easiest thing in the world.

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Narrowcasting is broadcasting to a small audience. In contrast to broadcasting (e.g. TV, vlogs), with narrowcasting you know exactly who you are reaching, where you are reaching them and what message is sent. It's specific targeting for tailor-made communication – the ultimate combination for any marketeer or communications advisor!

MODX CMS Digital Signage management


Control your instore or office screens with your online player which is linked to the MODX CMS. In the CMS, you can indicate whether or not to link pages to your website or narrowcasting. You can also organise your narrowcasting separately: you still work in one CMS, but your output is displayed only on the intended screens. 

Digital Signage Video en Afbeelding

Images & Video.

You select images from your central media library. Using this media library and your website's specific designs makes it easy to ensure consistency in the style of your website. Texts and videos can easily be added and managed too.

RSS Feed Digital Signage

Always Up-to-date.

An RSS feed shows your audience external news, keeping them up to date with current events. In addition to newsfeeds, you can also integrate weather apps, feature social media posts or display data from Google Analytics Dashboards. You can even link your alarm system, enabling you to warn visitors via the screens in case of an emergency.

Digital Signage and Intranet

Digital signage & intranet.

Because digital signage screens are also used internally for sharing information and interesting facts, it's the perfect tool to share news items from your intranet. Is there a new colleague? An employee's birthday? Or did you create the new holiday schedule? Quickly share it with the whole company via the digital signage screens! Now everyone in your organization will be up-to-date in no-time (and you won't ever forget to celebrate that colleagues birthday again ;)

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