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inriver and MODX

Inriver & MODX.

Generate more revenue with great product experiences

Product Information Management (PIM) software for both B2B and B2C. It’s possible with inriver! Inriver helps organizations with their product management, so leads instantly find the right product and you can turn them into customers. Connect inriver to MODX and all product data directly shows in the right styling on your digital platform. Getting started with product management in combination with marketing automation, contact management, automatic administration, or something entirely different? We can do that! Anything is possible with inriver & MODX.

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Why use inriver for your PIM solution?

  • End the ‘Excel-hell’ and manage all product data in one place
  • Gain insights into how products and contacts are connected and create personalized discounts with inriver’s unique elastic data model
  • Work super efficiently with agile workflows and automations
  • Discover real-time which product content works and optimize the ones that don’t perform. That’s how you turn visitors into customers.
inriver dashboard

Inriver: the heart of your digital sales.

Let your products speak for themselves with a Product Information Management (PIM) software!

PIM software inriver allows you to manage any product data for all channels from one central location, automate your processes with the help of workflows and create clear statistics. That’s how you improve productivity, create a flawless omnichannel customer experience, and gain insights to improve product performances. Inriver helps you maximize the customer experience as a digital-first PIM solution with countless possibilities. For B2B and B2C!

inriver product management

Maximize the customer experience.

As a seller, you often have to deal with multiple parties. Both internal and external. Inriver allows you to connect multiple data points in one place and create a clear overview of all your products. Translate these products into a clear product story with images, video, text, and more, and bring your products to life, show your products on multiple platforms, and turn potential buyers into paying customers. You see in no time where sales stagnate so you can optimize this channel and its products. Managing products, selling, and scaling up to new channels have never been easier.

inriver integration

Connect inriver to anything.

Because the MODX CMS is so flexible, we can connect it to any other external software. With this flexibility, we can also connect any unique software system to each other. Integrate inriver with your CMS so all product data is automatically displayed on your digital platform, while also connecting it to HubSpot or ActiveCampaign for managing leads and customers, automating marketing activities, and following up on and targeting leads. Integrate with Exact to automatically have your accounting in order or connect with SAP to have all internal processes arranged as well.

Inriver and MODX

Inriver & MODX.

Integrate inriver with MODX so your products get displayed and are automatically updated in your webshop. Inriver is where you manage all your products, while MODX will automatically show any changes you’ve made. That’s how your products are always up-to-date and you only have to manage them in one place.

subaru and inriver

Subaru and inriver.

All product content automatically and instantly up-to-date

To easily manage any incoming and outgoing product data and let it update instantly, Subaru Ireland chose to integrate inriver with the MODX CMS. Every change Subaru does in inriver is automatically sent to MODX and changed on the website. That’s how 3D images of cars are automatically updated, news accessories quickly added, and pictures of the interior directly scaled, styled, and optimized for page speed. And because the API endpoint is managed on our side, we check if the source of the data is coming from a specific IP address and make sure all data is encrypted. That’s how all product information of Subaru’s cars is secure and up-to-date.

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MOTIP and inriver

MOTIP and inriver.

Find the right product in an instant

Having a ginormous product offer and a magnificent amount of filters, MOTIP chose to manage their products in PIM software inriver. This is where they save their images, technical certificates, datasheets, and many more. By integrating inriver with MODX, all this information is automatically updated and shown in the right styling on the website. ElasticSearch and other filtering options allow searchers to find the right product quickly. Where this would be a slow process with ‘normal’ databases, with ElasticSearch we made this instantly. Every hour we check if there is any new data or a change available, and this will be processed one by one so servers won’t be overwhelmed. That’s how we make sure that MOTIP’s customers can find the right product for their job quickly and the content manager doesn’t have to fill in the same data twice!

Integrate inriver With Your Software.

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