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HubSpot and MODX


A Powerful Collaboration between Strategy and Technique

MODX and HubSpot are two solid platforms that integrate flawlessly with each other. The MODX content management system provides you with all the freedom you need to create a powerful digital platform, while the next-level marketing and sales platform HubSpot provides you with all the tools you need to tailor your digital platform to your target group. Take these two proven platforms together, and you will achieve your digital goals while turning leads into customers and customers into true evangelists.

Combine MODX and HubSpot to

  • Get a tremendous multichannel platform that integrates with any software for CRM, ERP, PIM, PMS, and much more
  • Use a next-level marketing and sales platform for CRM, email marketing, personalization, social media management, lead scoring, ads, and automation
  • Get started with powerful lead generation and qualification
  • Have a CRM where all data about contacts is saved in one place
  • Manage all your digital products, such as websites, apps, intranet, and digital signage in one place
  • Have a collaboration that lets you achieve your goals

MODX HubSpot integration


A powerful CMS that helps you achieve your goals

MODX has proven its tremendous success in user-friendliness, speed, security, scalability, and findability. In addition to offering a great online performance, the MODX CMS is also multichannel and multilingual. You can manage all your platforms and products in whatever language you desire.

You can manage websites, web apps, digital signage, intranet, and much more all from one place. You decide what the web pages look like and add the forms, pop-ups, and messaging tools you want in just one click.






Next level marketing & sales

With HubSpot, every department can collaborate to enhance your level of support, attract candidates, increase brand awareness, turn leads into customers, and turn customers into real promoters. HubSpot provides you with all the tools you need to build a long-term, trustworthy relationship with your target audience.

But that’s not the only thing HubSpot has to offer. It lets you generate leads and manage deals and offers great marketing and sales tools, such as chatbots, automated pop-ups, and a meeting planner. It provides everything you need to get started with helping your prospects and customers effectively and efficiently.


HubSpot API

HubSpot API.

With our HubSpot API and the flexibility of the MODX CMS, we’ve created a powerful integration. With this API, you can use essential features such as chat, forms, and the meeting planner, and you can get data from HubSpot to use within your MODX platform. Now you can get started with personalization, contextual marketing, and everything that makes HubSpot such an impressive toolkit, all while working inside the robust content management platform that is MODX.

More about the HubSpot API

HubSpot Forms


Forms are an essential feature to get data from interesting leads. With a simple drag-and-drop system, you can quickly create any form in HubSpot. Then, you can put these anywhere on your website, web shop, or any other platform. With the use of forms, you can offer exciting content, such as newsletters, e-books, and blogs. All while receiving data such as names, personas, and contact information in return. Everything is saved in HubSpot’s CRM, so you know what each unique visitor desires.

Fly-out form HubSpot

Fly-Out Forms.

Creating fly-out forms in HubSpot and placing them on any desired page of your digital platform is as simple as that. A fly-out form is a small pop-up that appears on your screen, allowing visitors to quickly leave their contact information. You’ll generate new leads while helping visitors through their journey by providing them with the right information and data at the right time. Combine a fly-out with a chatbot and an FAQ page, and you will help every visitor get the correct information in just a few clicks.

Progressive Profiling HubSpot

Progressive Profiling.

Get even more data with the help of progressive form fields. These fields are new questions that will only appear when someone has already filled out other forms or fields. With the help of progressive profiling, you can get more information about your leads without having them to enter the same data twice. Now you can serve your prospects even better.

Live chat HubSpot

Live chat.

Help your prospects and customers 24/7 with the help of live chat and chatbots. Live chat lets your visitors contact you quickly while getting answers immediately. Based on known data, such as location and the question asked, HubSpot will connect the visitor to the right employee. That’s what makes live chat an excellent tool for international teams working from different locations from around the world.

Chatbot HubSpot


Help your customers navigate through your platform with ease by using a chatbot. A so-called conversational chatbot is ready for you in HubSpot’s starter package, while HubSpot Professional offers expanded flows.

A conversational chatbot is always available, personalized, flexible, and humanly helps your visitors (while being a bot). You can serve your visitors 24/7 and help them navigate to the right page, connect with the right chat agent, get an immediate answer, and receive the correct information. It can even help visitors go to external web pages when they aren’t on the right platform. Consumers that end up on your B2B website or web shop won’t get lost or frustrated by the content that isn’t customized to their needs.

Chatbot HubSpot MPC

You can also use a chatbot for personalization and contextual marketing. Imagine a returning customer visiting your website; they don’t have to see the same questions as someone who’s visiting your site for the first time. This returning customer can contact your support team, while new visitors can request a demo.

With a chatbot, you can schedule meetings, give product recommendations, share contact information, show working hours, and answer frequently asked questions immediately. You can make sure any person in your target group receives the help they deserve.

Experience Journey

Personalization & Contextual Marketing.

Offer the content your target group is longing for

Any data received from forms and chats must be used smartly and carefully to help your target group even better. You can use this data to personalize your platform and offer visitors the things they are looking for.

Use personalization and contextual marketing to change your tone of voice, show other content, and display other calls to action. Show a “Request Proposal” button to leads, a “Support” button to customers, and an “Apply” button to potential candidates. With personalization, you can help your target audience in the best way possible at every step of their journey.

Meeting Planner.

When you have convinced your target audience of the power of your organization, you want them to schedule a meeting with you as quickly as possible. With HubSpot’s meeting planner, you can do just that. Never again will you have to email back and forth to schedule a meeting. Instead, create a calendar that only shows dates and times you’re available to meet. The only thing left to do is send your leads the link and having them schedule. Making an appointment has never been so easy.

When the meeting is scheduled, both you and the visitor will receive a calendar invite. The meeting planner is great for sessions, demos, or meeting potential clients at an exhibition.

Lead scoring HubSpot

Qualify Leads with HubSpot's lead scoring.

HubSpot offers an excellent lead framework for qualifying leads with the help of lead scoring. Lead scoring gives every action or behavior performed on your platform, such as subscribing to your newsletter or downloading an e-book, a certain number of points. When a lead has earned enough points, they are marked as qualified by marketing.

HubSpot goes even further than that. It lets you define the conditions for a contact or company. With the help of predictive lead scoring, HubSpot will show you the visitors that are lead fits. No energy will be wasted while increasing your sales.

HubSpot MODX Extra

MODX HubSpot Extra.

In addition to complete integration with HubSpot, we’ve also created a MODX Extra, with which you can easily add HubSpot tracking to your platform. Discover which pages have been visited and find out what content is interesting for each unique visitor. Track anonymous visitors on any platform and in every language until they become loyal customers.

Here you’ll find out more about MODX Extra. Be warned; it’s pretty technical.

Discover the HubSpot Extra

HubSpot Starter

Get Started With HubSpot!

With HubSpot, you don’t have to go all the way straight from the start. HubSpot is there for any business and any goal. With HubSpot Starter, you can start with features like CRM, fly-out forms, live chat, email marketing, forms, and a basic chatbot. You don’t have to focus on all the great features at once. Step by step, you’ll discover the power of HubSpot, and you’ll become fans of this powerful combination of MODX and HubSpot, just like we did.

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