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HubSpot API Integration

HubSpot API.

HubSpot is a powerful marketing and sales platform that integrates perfectly with MODX. We’ve created a HubSpot API integration that lets you fully integrate HubSpot’s power with the MODX CMS so that you can get started with personalization and contextual marketing from within MODX. That’s how you create a unique platform that perfectly suits the needs of every individual visitor.

HubSpot Next Level Marketing and Sales


HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform that lets different departments work together to help leads and customers in the best way possible. Because all contact data and interactions are saved in one place, you can quickly turn leads into customers and customers into real promoters. With HubSpot, you’ve all essential tools within hand reach, such as live chat, chatbot, email marketing, marketing automation, meeting planners, digital ads, CRM, and sales sequences. Everything you need to remove friction between you and your target groups and help leads and customers in the best way possible, in every step of their journey.

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MODX multichannel and open-source CMS


MODX is a powerful open-source Content Management System. Use MODX to manage all your products such as website, webshop, intranet, digital signage, and integrations with external software within one platform, in any desired language. When managing your products in one place, you keep your branding consistent while distributing content on all different channels with ease. Because MODX uses content blocks to drag and drop into place, you quickly create new pages: from conversion-oriented landing pages to extensive pillar pages. You equip your platform with excellent content that turns visitors into returning customers. 

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MODX HubSpot API Integration

HubSpot API.

The HubSpot API connects these two powerful platforms, so you use HubSpot’s most powerful features within MODX. Now you can add live chat, chatbot, forms, meeting planners, and CTAs to your digital platform and get started with personalization and contextual marketing straight from the CMS. 

Use data that’s saved in your CRM to quickly help your customers get to the right information and personalize complete parts of your website. For instance, show a CTA to get in contact with your support team to customers, while showing new visitors a CTA to request a demo. Or make content dependent on the weather or location of the visitor, so you show a menu with summery cocktails during hot weather. When it’s raining you show your greatest theas. 

Personalization happens based on the lifecycle stage, lead status, location, persona, and many more. Using the HubSpot API, you determine what every visitor sees on your website. And that’s how you turn leads into customers and even true brand ambassadors while working with the powerful MODX CMS.

HubSpot MODX Extra for HubSpot Tracking

HubSpot MODX Extra.

When you’ve just become acquainted with HubSpot, or don’t want to go all out straight away, our HubSpot Extra is perfect for you. This MODX extra adds HubSpot tracking to your MODX platform, so you see who’s visited which pages. From unknown visitors to returning customers, you know which pages are exciting and what every unique visitor is looking for. That’s how you meet the needs of your visitors. 

Of course, this MODX extra is also invaluable when you do want to go all out with HubSpot, and we make sure it’s integrated with your MODX CMS.

HubSpot Integrations

HubSpot Integrations.

Besides the HubSpot API, you can also connect HubSpot to hundreds of other external software and platforms. HubSpot offers integrations with well-known software, such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Shopify, SAP, Exact, and Salesforce. We go a step further than that, and can integrate anything with HubSpot, so you can keep working in the systems that work for you.

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Do you want to discover everything the all-in-one toolkit has to offer? Download our Ultimate HubSpot Guide and discover this powerful platform.

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