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Discover How a Powerful Online Platform Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Do you want to get more leads and more business or increase your sales and gain more revenue? Are you focusing on customer loyalty and improving your service, or are you focusing on branding and want to have a platform to show the world your company’s story? Whatever your goal may be, a website is a powerful tool for achieving your online goals. Together with our Sterc Model and the MODX CMS, we create solid online platforms.

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With a website you:

  • Achieve any goal in your online marketing strategy
  • Become visible in search engines such as Google
  • Get a responsive, mobile-first website that functions on any device
  • Use our essential features for SEO
  • Keep working in programs you’re familiar with without any problems
Strategic Sterce model

Strategic Approach.

Before getting started with your website, we look at your online goals. With our Sterc Model, we create a complete plan in just three steps! We begin with an analysis, which leads us to a strategy that we then translate to an online marketing mix. In just four steps, we’ll achieve online results.

Online performance MODX

Fast, secure & visible.

After defining the strategy, we’re ready to get started! With the help of the powerful MODX Content Management System (CMS), we create a website that’s fully customized to meet your goals. The MODX CMS gives you a solid content and data platform that offers speed, security, and visibility.

Discover Your Online Performance.

With our website scan you know in no-time how your online platform performs in speed, findability and security. Just fill in your url and the scan will do the rest!


Become Visible.

Being visible online is vital for any organization. MODX provides the essential features you need to make your company visible online and help you reach a bigger audience. Improving your SEO has never been easier with MODX Extras, such as SEO Suite, SEO Tab, and SEO Pro. With these tools, you’ll become visible online!

Marketing automation integration

Get Relevant Traffic.

When your audience finds you online, you want them to navigate comfortably through your website. In addition to adding an advanced search engine to your website, MODX also integrates with marketing automation software, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo. You can help your leads with their customer journey and get them where you want them to be!

Formalicious or FormIt

Increase Conversions.

To turn your leads into customers, you have to make converting as simple as possible. MODX lets you create, process, and add follow-ups to important forms, such as contact forms, subscribe forms, and download forms. Your leads will turn into customers, and your customers will stay involved with your brand.

MODX multichannel

Multichannel CMS.

The biggest advantage of MODX is the essential feature of multichannel management. With multichannel management, you can manage and distribute content over all your different websites and digital channels from just one CMS. You can manage websites, web apps, web shops, intranet, digital signage, recruitment environments, marketing automation, and email marketing, among other channels. Give every team member different roles and rights so that you’re sure everyone in your team can access the things they are supposed have access to.

Multilingual MODX CMS


In addition to managing different channels and websites, you can also set your preferred language in this CMS and easily translate all your content into another language. Besides English, you can choose Dutch, Chinese, German, Spanish, and many more!

MODX Koppelingen

Integrate External Software.

Organizations use all kinds of external software for CRM, ERP, planning, and service. MODX integrates with everything so that you can confidently work in the systems you’re familiar with without having any problems.

Social Feed Hooghoudt

Improve Customer Loyalty.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are essential for your online marketing strategy. Integrating different socials into MODX lets you show off your social feed and lets your audience easily share your website. Want to improve your customer loyalty and service? An integration with chat software or WhatsApp Business has never been any easier.

Website Mobile


In a world where over 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s good to know that the websites Sterc creates are always responsive. We make sure your leads can easily navigate through your website, and you can apply all the functionalities needed for conversions.

Discover mobile

More about MODX?

Experience the power of MODX! Watch this video or read all about the MODX CMS on our page. Become - just like us- a fan of this powerful and versatile platform.

Strong website.

All of this is what makes a Sterc website responsive, fast, secure, and visible. And when you launch your website, it’s good to know that Sterc is there for you. Our training sessions make sure you can use the MODX CMS in the best way possible and that you know how to optimize it for search engines such as Google.

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