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Discover How to Optimize Your Online Platform for the Most Crucial Devices

Mobile devices have become incredibly important—most internet traffic is from mobile devices. Optimizing your website for mobile is vital so that you can keep ranking high on Google. Having a progressive web app, optimized for Google searches, or having a mobile web shop places you a few steps ahead of the competition.

Discover the importance of mobile, and:

  • Create a responsive mobile-first website that functions on every device
  • Show what you want with the cropper tool
  • Create a flawless transition from social media to shopping
  • Transition leads supersonically fast from offline to online with the QR and NFC generator
  • Become findable in every kind of search
Mobile first design

Mobile-First Design.

Mobile-first is all about ensuring that your website functions perfectly on mobile. What do you want to show your online visitors, and in what way? A simple navigation bar, an appealing call to action, a clear value proposition, and online speed are essential. By adding useful features, such as a numeric keyboard for filling in a phone number, Click2Call buttons to make a call in one click, and an address API that automatically fills in the street name, you can offer your mobile users the perfect online experience.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App.

More and more companies opt for a progressive web app (PWA), a website that functions like an app. With a PWA, you can make sure your website is responsive and operates on every device while also taking advantage of many other possibilities. You can send notifications to your users, the site can be used offline, and the site gets indexed by Google—all without your visitor having to download or update anything!


QR en NFC Generator MODX

QR & NFC Generator.

Mobile devices open up a world of features. Methods like QR and NFC allow people to transition from offline to online in just one tap or scan, and they are becoming more and more popular. The MODX CMS’s QR and NFC tag generator makes creating them easier than ever.

Voice search

Voice search.

Voice search is the process of searching the internet using your voice to input the search terms. You can use Google Assistant or Siri on your phone or voice devices such as Google Home or Alexa. Voice search is perfect when you want to find something fast because talking is a lot faster than typing. Additionally, the error rate is lower, and you can use it handsfree. It’s perfect for when you’re on the road, walking, or when you have your hands full.

Visual search

Visual search.

Visual search is a little less known but is becoming more and more popular with the help of Google Lens. With visual search, you can search the internet using the camera of your phone to find a specific item or something similar. Visual search is the perfect tool when you don’t know what you’re searching for exactly. Visual search is expanding with more features, so it’s becoming more interesting.

Local SEO

Become Locally Findable!

People use their phones for navigation a lot. Currently, 46% of all searches are local searches, so it’s crucial to make your company locally findable. By verifying your company with Google My Business and adding the essential company information to your website and social media, you can optimize your company for local search.

Mobile webshop


60% of all online purchases worldwide are done via mobile, so it’s crucial to ready your web shop for these devices. Additionally, a lot of e-commerce is happening via social media—the so-called social shopping. In one flawless transition from social media feed and web shop, online users contact your company. Making this transition as flawless as possible is essential, and you can do that by optimizing your web shop for mobile and focusing on social media.

MODX Image Cropper

Present Your Business the Way You Want.

Creating a responsive website or PWA can mean making a lot of hard decisions. Google Search Console can identify many errors for mobile usability, but it’s not perfect, and you can certainly notice when a website isn’t working correctly. Perfecting your responsive web page requires some expertise. The MODX CMS and the MODX cropper tool can make this task a little easier for you. You can be sure your content is presented correctly on your website both from mobile devices and desktops.

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