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MODX is one of the most powerful open source Content Management Systems. Use this CMS to manage all of your content on different channels like website, web app and digital signage. MODX is known for its excellent integration with all sorts of software. That’s how this fantastic CMS gives you all the freedom you need to align your online marketing mix to your goals.

The MODX CMS gives you a solid content and data platform that is fast and secure. Adding the powerful MODX Extras lets us create fully customized online platforms. This is how MODX gives you speed, security, visibility, and flexibility. All the ingredients you need to achieve online success!

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Smart & Powerful.

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MODX performance

Online performance.

Since day one MODX has focused on the most essential pillars of a website: security, speed, and findability. Online performance is the strength of MODX. With MODX, you have complete control over the experiences you offer your users. This CMS helps you manage your channels with ease, offers you great online performance, and support is always nearby. 

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The SEO CMS that helps you become visible.

Being online visible is probably any marketer's number one priority. Improved visibility makes more users visiting your platform and creates a higher chance of getting relevant leads and shaping them into valuable customers.

A platform with little code, readable URLs, and smart technicalities is something Google loves. In return for your efforts, Google makes sure you rank higher within its search results.

Add valuable SEO plugins or extras, and of course, your super relevant content, and you can be confident that you are visible online.

MODX speed

Supersonically fast.

To get more visitors to your website, you need to make sure your platform is lightning fast. MODX is a smart CMS that provides you with all necessary functionalities, so your platform will always be as fast as possible. The flexibility of the system gives you all the freedom to add desired expansions, specifically focused on your online goals. The MODX CMS will stay clean and lean without making your platform slow and vulnerable.

MODX dashboard

Creative freedom.

With MODX, you have a CMS that gives you all the freedom you need, without causing any trouble or putting up any barriers. MODX provides you with all the tools to create, duplicate, and publish content quickly. Create a custom dashboard for your team, so you'll only see the information you need to get started fast. That's how creating a page, checking the Google Analytics stats, and viewing filled in forms is just one click away.

MODX security

Secure CMS.

A team inside the MODX community checks all the code searches for vulnerabilities, and solves these immediately. That’s how MODX makes sure your website is safe and sound. Add essential MODX extras and Two Factor Authentication, and you’re in complete control over the security of your online platform. This is what makes MODX even more secure than most CMSs.

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MODX multichannel

Multichannel CMS.

Integrate all your platforms and products

Using MODX you can manage all your channels from just one place. This is how MODX makes multichannel so incredibly easy for everyone. Besides that, it saves you a lot of double input of data and you have to understand just one system. You can also make the CMS multi-lingual and give each person working with the CMS a different role and rights. This way your front desk could manage the content on the narrowcasting screens, without being able to make changes in the website.

MODX Extras

MODX Extras.

Make your CMS even more powerful

With MODX Extras, also known as plugins or modules, you can improve or expand several functionalities of your website. You only have to add those features you need to achieve your goals, so the CMS doesn’t get loaded with plugins that aren’t useful for you. That’s how your website stays fast and secure!

MODX gebruikers

Trusted by 160.000+

Our 'Sterce' MODX Extras such as Google Analytics Dashboard, SEO Suite, Formalicious, and FormIt are used by tens of thousands of organizations all around the world. Use these MODX Extras to improve your SEO, create and process forms and add follow-ups, like sending an email.

Here you can read more about our plugins. But be warned, it’s pretty techie ;)

MODX integrations

MODX integrations.

Organizations nowadays use all kinds of different software for CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Service, Planning, or Chat. The MODX CMS integrates with all software. This way, you can continue working in the programs you are familiar with, using a CMS you can manage all your channels with.

Marketing automation.

MODX is famous for its flawless integration with marketing automation software like HubSpot, Marketo, and MailChimp. Marketing automation gives you more insight into the behavior of your (potential) customers so you can help them with their customer journey. Using these insights makes it possible for you to offer personalized content and better service. This content can be emails, but automated call to actions, bots, and landing pages too.

Besides that, marketing automation offers a better marketing-sales alignment. By this collaboration, you can guide your leads better through your sales funnel. This way, leads will turn into customers, and customers stay involved with your brand, product, or service.

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MODX and HubSpot integration

MODX & HubSpot.

We fully integrate the MODX CMS with next-level marketing & sales platform HubSpot. With our HubSpot API, we use all the data that's collected in HubSpot's CRM to personalize your MODX platform. Besides personalization, we can also use features like a chatbot, fly-out forms, meeting planners, and many more to help your customers in the best way possible.

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At Sterc, we use the newest version of MODX: MODX3! MODX3 is even more user-friendly and provides you with great features such as an image cropper, and a QR and NFC generator. Now you work even more efficiently while providing you with the functionalities every digital professional needs. Visit our MODX3 page to find out everything about this new version of MODX.

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Strategic Sterce model

Define and achieve your online goals.

With MODX you get complete control of all your content and data. This way, the CMS can be fully customized to align it to your online goals. For this, we use four different models: the branding, leads, sales, and service model. To show you how we use these, we give you a few examples below.

In just four steps your online strategy? Download our Sterc Model and determine the goals of your organization.

International MODX Agency Sterc

International MODX Agency Sterc.

Since 2005 Sterc developed with the open source CMS MODX and has helped to improve it. Because we've been involved with the MODX community for years, we love to share and receive more MODX wisdom. We do this by organizing and participating in training sessions, meetups, and workshops. We also help organizations improve their workflow and offer MODX demos and audits. Finally, we have the most MODX developers in one office, and that’s how we can provide 24/7 support to our MODX clients.

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