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Salesforce and MODX

Salesforce & MODX.

Build great relationships with Salesforce. Salesforce lets you save all contact data and interactions in one place. The MODX CMS integrates with Salesforce.

A CRM platform for any business size, that’s Salesforce. Salesforce helps you save and manage any relations, contacts, and interactions in one place. A Customer Relationship Platform is a powerful tool for building relationships, winning deals, and creating brand ambassadors because all data is shown in a clear overview. With Salesforce, your marketing, sales, and service teams work together to help your current and future customers in the best way possible. In the end, Salesforce enables you to turn leads into real promoters of your business.

Integrate With Salesforce?

With the help of MODX, we can integrate Salesforce with any software or system. Do you want to integrate Salesforce with your software? Fill in the form below!

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