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Exact and MODX

Exact & MODX.

Integrate Exact with MODX, to get a powerful collaboration for automating your accounting, financial, ERP, HRM, and CRM processes, while working in the robust MODX CMS.

As a market leader in business software, Exact is the platform for automating your accounting, financial, ERP, HRM, and CRM processes. Exact provides you with all the tools you need to manage and analyze essential figures for running a business. These tools help you manage your business' financial aspects and manage your teams without making things impossibly tricky.

Besides the whole package, Exact also offers other software that help you further manage your business processes:

Exact Online

Exact Online.

Exact Online provides you with both accounting and CRM software; everything you need to get started managing your numbers and customers. Besides that, Exact Online offers specific integrated packages for organizations in the production, wholesale, and professional service sectors. 

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Exact Globe

Exact Globe.

Exact Globe is where you start your administration and planning to create insights and control. Exact Globe offers extensions for projects, production, and logistics.

Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy.

Exact Synergy provides you with HRM, CRM, and BPM tools to create workflows and manage documents. Exact Synergy lets you manage and automate all your processes and documents. Perfect for project management and administration teams.

Exact financials

Exact Financials.

The base of Exact for Finance Enterprise; a smart software that helps you get a grip on risks and financial management, purchase and sales, project management, and payments.

Exact AEC

Exact AEC.

The base of Exact for Construction software; a complete software package for financing, planning, and administration created explicitly for the construction sector.

Exact Consolidation

Exact Consolidation.

Exact Consolidation helps you manage all your financial processes from one place so that all financial and non-financial data are up-to-date. Coordinate all data flawlessly, so analyzing is done more naturally.

Exact Insights

Exact Insights.

Exact Insights helps you make strategic choices based on current business information. It can clearly show all data so it can be analyzed quickly.

Exact also offers great add-ons for specific software, and Exact Apps lets you use Exact software everywhere.

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