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Find in no time the product you need and buy it in the store nearby

Having a huge target audience and an even more extensive product range, it's essential that any type of web visitor can quickly find what they are looking for. That's why the new MOTIP platform, its content, and its functionalities match their four different personas in the B2B and B2C. Now, every visitor instantly finds the right product using the color guide and ElasticSearch, and managing these products is easier than ever through an integration with inriver. The store locator shows you where you can buy these products, and the community shows you how to use them. Finally: the MODX CMS allows you to manage everything in one place. This makes the new MOTIP platform the place for businesses and consumers to instantly find the right products.

Discover the new MOTIP platform:

  • A brand platform that matches its target groups
  • With a color guide and ElasticSearch to help you find the product you need
  • Including a store locator that allows leads to find a reseller nearby
  • With an integration with inriver to help MOTIP manage their products
  • The community supports new users with how-tos
  • The social wall puts MOTIP fans in the spotlight
  • And all of this managed in the flexible MODX CMS

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MBTI model focused on spontaneous

A website matching its target audience.

MOTIP offers spray paint for automotive, industry, bike, and DIY in B2B and B2C. With such an extensive audience, it can be challenging to create a website that matches everyone's needs. That's why we extended MOTIP's previous research with the MBTI model and set up four personas with unique jobs. Using these personas, we've defined targets, functionalities, and content for the new platform. From there, we started the new branding website of MOTIP!

Products MOTIP Products MOTIP Products MOTIP Products MOTIP Products MOTIP

Instantly find the product you need.

Having such a wide variety of products like MOTIP, it can be difficult to find the right product or even know which product you need. That's why we've created and optimized four tools that allow MOTIP's leads to find their products:

  • Color guide
  • ElasticSearch
  • Product banner
  • Cross advice

After deciding on the product you need, you can use the store locator to find out where you can buy this product.

Color guide MOTIP

Color guide.

The color guide helps you find the color you need in no time. The only thing you have to do is fill in your car's brand and the year it was built, and the color guide will show you where to find the color of your car. Easy-peasy!

ElasticSearch MOTIP


Of course, MOTIP doesn't only sell spray paint for the automotive but also products for the industry, bike, and DIY. This variety can make it difficult to find the product you need. That's why we've integrated ElasticSearch! ElasicSearch is an extensive search engine that allows you to search using specific keywords and by the 'job to be done'. Search, for example, for 'removing scratches on car', and the search results will show you which products you can use for this. So you can search any way you want, even without exactly knowing what you're looking for! That's how we make sure you always find the product you need.

Product banner MOTIP website

Product banner.

Besides searching for a specific product, the website also inspires you to buy other products. The product banner inside the navigation introduces web visitors to new MOTIP products or products that deserve a little extra attention. That's how you can get from the navigation straight to this product.

Cross advice MOTIP website

Cross advice.

After finding the products you need, it's great to learn what other products you'll need to get your job done. That is why the website offers online advice on which products are also relevant to your task. Next, the store locator shows you where to buy the product.

Find your dealer tool MOTIP

Find a store nearby.

When you have a reseller platform, it's crucial to show prospects where to buy their favorite spray paints. That's why the MOTIP platform is equipped with a 'find your dealer' tool that quickly displays all sellers nearby. This makes online and offline connected and helps resellers sell your products.

MOTIP website integrated with inriver

Manage all products in one place.

Having a wide variety of products and wanting to be future-proof, MOTIP chose to manage their products in PIM software inriver. With all their product information in one place, it's essential that it all stays in one place. That's why we've integrated inriver with MODX. Now all product information from inriver will automatically transfer to the website. Never again will you have to worry about double input of information which makes the life of the content marketer a bit easier.

MOTIP community page

Creating an inspiring community that contributes to sharing knowledge.

All around the world, there are many MOTIP fans that love to show off their MOTIP products. MOTIP loves to share this enthusiasm with the rest of the world, so they inspire its web visitors by showing projects and a social wall. The projects show what other MOTIP fans used their products for and the social wall shows any posts of enthusiastic MOTIP fans. #MOTIP!

Besides MOTIP fans, there are also people that use the products for the first time. MOTIP offers them help with their how-to videos. Now every MOTIP user knows how to use their products, and fans can discover new MOTIP products.

New brand MOTIP

A new look.

Besides the many features, the platform should also radiate the new MOTIP brand. So we translated the new branding into the website. Now you'll see the brand images used throughout the website. We used a bold, masculine, and sophisticated font and put a lot of words in Caps. That's how we translated the brand into the website.

MODX multichannel content management system

Multiple websites and languages in one CMS.

The MODX content management system is immensely flexible. Even so that we can manage multiple websites with multiple languages in one CMS. The language selector shown on the website navigates visitors to the right language instantly, and MODX Extra Babel helps content managers to create a new translation of a page in no time. These features allow both web visitors and MOTIP employees to switch between languages.

Besides the MOTIP website, other brand websites of the parent organization European Aerosols are also managed within the same CMS. Such as the European Aerosols website itself - in multiple languages - but in the future also websites for DUPLI-Color, Presto, and ColorMatic. This makes content management for multiple channels and languages a piece of cake.

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