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BPM Medica: Countless medical websites in one CMS

BPM Medica.

Countless medical websites in one CMS

To manage all their different magazines in one CMS and bring their content management to the next level, we and BPM Medica started upgrading their CMS and building 12 new mobile-first platforms. Being a publisher of 12 medical magazines, BPM Medica is continuously working on providing healthcare professionals with the correct information. That's why we started creating 12 different mobile-first media platforms with paid and free articles, a registration system, and targeted ads - all managed within one content management system.

Discover the new platforms of BPM Medica:

  • Mobile-first and built from the mobile version up
  • All accounts and authors of articles are centrally managed
  • With valuable filters so readers get to the right article in no time
  • Connected with the BIG register and the KP register so healthcare professionals can quickly create an account using their BIG number
  • Showing medical advertisements only to specialists with a prescription authority
  • With sponsored content banners to get readers quickly to a sponsored article
  • Integrated with Mailchimp so readers are always up-to-date about the latest articles
  • And finally: All platforms are managed in one user-friendly CMS: MODX3
About BPM Medica

BPM Medica: Publisher of independent information in the healthcare.

Aiming to support healthcare professionals and provide them with the right information, BPM Medica has grown out to be a great publisher of independent medical information. With a team of chief editors and developers, they collect, edit, create, and distribute content over their 12 different media platforms.

We were asked to create a mobile-first website for each of these platforms, where free articles can be read by anyone and paid articles are only accessible to their subscribers.

12 new media platforms for BPM Medica

One multichannel CMS for all BPM brands.

We started with BPM Medica's grandest magazine: Medische Oncologie (Medical Oncology). This platform is the most complete, which allowed us to fine-tune all features. These insights helped us to roll out the same technique efficiently to the other platforms. 

medischeoncologie.nl is a mobile-first platform where visitors can read any of their free articles, and subscribers can also access paid articles. The platform is integrated with Mailchimp for sending newsletters and allows us to show ads to specific visitors only.

After this, all other websites and magazines that have BPM Medica as a publisher will follow. Using MODX, we made sure that all these channels could be managed in the same CMS:


BPM Medica upgraded to MODX3

An upgrade in technique.

BPM Medica already worked with MODX. To give this already powerful CMS an extra boost, we upgraded MODX from MODX2 to MODX3. This made content management a whole lot easier and with their own in-house backend developer they are ready for anything the future holds. Together with this developer, we've built the entire platform of Medische Oncologie. This collaboration will also benefit BPM Medica, as they can maintain and further develop their own platforms in the future.

Content migration

An intelligent content migration.

The previous website of Medische Oncologie contained a lot of historical (research) data. The first articles and publications even date back to the 90s! Using an intelligent content migration, we've migrated all this data to the new CMS. This included both the articles and publications and details such as authors and interviewees.

Authors are centrally managed

Authors are centrally managed.

Besides centrally managing all 12 platforms of BPM Medica, we've also created a module where authors can be managed. Using this module, we can connect authors and articles so readers can quickly find other articles written by the same author using the website's filtering.

Mobile-first design

Mobile-first design.

Reading an article wherever you are is what you want to offer your readers. That's why we've built the website of Medische Oncologie mobile-first. This ensured that we first show the actions most important to the users of medischeoncologie.nl, so users can quickly get where they want to be: that one exciting article.

Filtering and search Filtering and search Filtering and search Filtering and search

Instantly get to the right article.

To allow readers to instantly get to the right article, we've created and added extensive filtering to the website. This allows us to automatically show the newest items and featured articles on the home page. Besides that, every page has its own filtering. 'Articles' allows you to filter on year, category, and author. Whereas the 'BOM' page allows you to filter on tumor type, oncological medication, and if you want to view the newest, oldest, or most relevant articles first. Finally, the 'Toppublicaties' allows you to sort on specialism. Of course, you can also use the search bar to find an article throughout the website. Within search, we've also added filtering based on sources, content type, year, category, and author. That's how you get to the right article in no time.

Subscriber management module Subscriber management module Subscriber management module Subscriber management module

Registration and subscribers management.

By connecting with the BIG register (Jobs in the Individual Healthcare), the nationwide database for healthcare professionals, and the KP register (Quality register for Paramedics), healthcare professionals can quickly create an account using their BIG number. After registering, they are managed together with all other subscribers of any of the 12 platforms in our renewed subscriber management module. That's how all subscribers can be viewed in one overview. 

Medical ads Medical ads

Medical ads.

Only visible to the right people

Besides articles, BPM Medica also shows ads on their websites. These ads are specifically targeted to medical specialists that can prescribe. Because of the Dutch law, pharmaceutical ads can only be shown to people with such authority. To make sure we comply to this law, the platforms are designed in a way that these types of ads are only shown to the user accounts BPM can ensure that they are specialists with the authority of prescribing medication.

Sponsored content Sponsored content Sponsored content

Sponsored content.

Besides medical ads, BPM Medica's websites also show sponsored content. These articles are paid for by a specific organization and focus on a specific topic. With the help of banners that stand out, users get to a sponsored article in no time.

Email marketing with Mailchimp integration

Email marketing with Mailchimp.

To keep the readers of Medische Oncologie informed of the latest news, visitors can subscribe to their newsletter. That's how they receive updates and are always up-to-date on what is happening in the medical world.

What now?

Since the new websites of Medische Oncologie, De Neuroloog, and Endorcrinologie are live, we're updating all the other websitesof BPM Medica too. Want to know when they are set live? Keep an eye on our newsletter and socials!

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