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Westerink Meijer & Co.

Your Partner in Knowledge Now Online!

Westerink Meijer & Co. is the organization where knowledge and team building come together to maximize teams and help organizations grow. WMCO was looking for a new website that showed their strong DNA and to help potential and current customers in the best way possible. And that’s what we’ve achieved with a powerful MODX3 website—included with essential features and integration with next-level marketing and sales platform HubSpot. The result is an excellent collaboration between WMCO and Sterc: we’ve created a solid web platform, and WMCO helped us discover our talents.

Discover the new platform of WMCO:

  • A MODX3 website that shows the power of WMCO
  • A platform that puts knowledge in the spotlight
  • Included with essential features such as the ImageCropper, a FAQ-page, testimonials, and their own library
  • Integrated with next-level marketing and sales toolkit HubSpot

Discover WMCO’s new website on www.wmco.nl

WMCO approach

Get to Know WMCO.

What once started with Andrei Westerink, a banker that dreamed of helping organizations grow, is now a full-fledged organization of three enthusiasts. WMCO guides and supports organizations growing to their fullest potential, and get them from good to great. They do this by analyzing the needs, challenges, and opportunities, and deciding together with the organization which strategy is the best match. That’s how they help their customers with trajectories, consulting, coaching, seminars, brainstorm sessions, and workshops. At Sterc, we have also experienced the power of WMCO, that’s why we can recommend WMCO to be your organization advisor!

Discover WMCO Online.

To manifest their vision online, we’ve created a new web platform that showed the DNA of WMCO. The logo, visuals, icons, and colors of WMCO make it clear who WMCO is: eager to learn, sherpa, and quirky. Add photos to this that change from formal to personal when hovering your mouse over them, and you show everyone how accessible you are.

Best of all this, is that WMCO can easily manage their own content with content blocks. They can quickly stack different content blocks on top of each other to create a new page, change current pages, and design everything to their liking.

Visuals are crucial to give your content a personal touch and let people trust you. That’s why we’ve added the MODX ImageCropper. With this tool, WMCO can quickly scale all their images to any device.

WMCO With HubSpot integration

Stop Selling, Start Helping With HubSpot.

We’ve integrated HubSpot with MODX to help new visitors of their website get to the right information quickly and offer customers the support they deserve. This integration allows WMCO to show a chat that lets its audience get in contact with them quickly. They can also create forms quickly with HubSpot’s drag and drop editor, and with the help of content blocks, WMCO can place them anywhere in their MODX platform. Finally, HubSpot’s meeting planner lets those interested quickly schedule a meeting with WMCO, to ask their questions face-to-face or by phone.

WMCO Knowledge Library

WMCO As Your Knowledge Partner.

To call yourself an organization advisor, you need to have knowledge. And that’s what Andrei and Mike certainly have! They wanted to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. That’s why you will find a library full of blog posts, downloads, and models on wmco.nl. 

When you prefer listening over reading, you can listen to their podcast show: Mike & Andrei in gesprek! Prefer to view videos? You can find multiple videos of their YouTube channel directly on their website. And when you want to find the answers to your questions quickly, you can access the FAQ page. Is this still not enough to convince you of the knowledge and skills of WMCO, then you can always view the many testimonials. 

Can’t get enough of all WMCO’s knowledge? Feel free to subscribe to WMCO’s newsletter, and you’ll never miss an update again.

Do You Want To Start Helping Your Customers?

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