VVV ameland

VVV Ameland.

A Port in the Storm

The Wadden islands are famous. Every year, the number of tourists increases. Brisk walks, sunbathing, cycling, enjoying. Imagine the hard time we had when visiting Ameland! Sterc has worked together with VVV Ameland for many years. One result of our partnership with VVV Ameland is its online portal.

Ameland platform

A Social Hub and More.

The social hub of Facebook and Twitter, together with an interactive hotspot map, encourages interaction on the homepage. Of course, a booking system and events calendar are also present. The booking system shows the available hotels and holiday homes in one overview. This means you have up-to-the-minute info about all the last minutes that are available.

Ameland apps

Apps & Narrowcasting.

We created an app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. The app conveys the atmosphere of Ameland and promotes an entirely personal experience of Ameland. Digital signage for instore promotion via screens, webshop, and live webcam images enhance this experience. Of course, all content is managed from the open-source MODX CMS.

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Experience Ameland.

And become, just like us, fans!

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