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A Digital Platform That Unites People and Products

As a worldwide fabricator of industrial clamping products, Tridon doesn’t only provide robust connectors, but they also connect people. Together with Tridon, we’ve created a digital platform that tells the story of Tridon. The platform shows detailed product information, while, at the same time, being a knowledge platform for its visitors. This all is what makes it a powerful marketing and sales platform where technique and strategy go hand in hand.

The new Tridon platform is:

  • Build from strategic sessions with the focus on sales, clear ambitions and challenges, and Tridon's focus groups
  • A powerful combination between the MODX CMS and the next level marketing & sales platform HubSpot
  • Product-driven and connecting people
  • A great platform in 16 different languages. Each language with thousands of products.
Tridon strategy

The Strategic Start.

We’ve started with strategic sessions. In these sessions, we’ve discovered the goals, focus groups, and propositions we’re going to focus on. With the help of personas, we’ve found which journey every focus group is going through, which questions they have, and how we can help them solve these.

MPC Industries platform

An Extensive Digital Platform.

Based on the strategic and tactical plan, we build Tridon’s new online platform. This platform is created for 16 different languages, it shows both the product and the uniting side of Tridon, and this platform is the place where strategy and technique come together. With a powerful integration between the MODX CMS and marketing and sales toolkit HubSpot, we made sure that Tridon is always connected to its customers. The integration with ERP software SAP automatically synchronizes the products with Tridon’s platform, so product information is always up-to-date. That’s how we created a platform that helps every visitor in the best way possible, and it will keep scaling to Tridon’s growth ambitions.

Multi-language MODX


Tridon is a large organization that provides products to its customers from all around the world. A multilingual platform was crucial for this, and that’s what we offer with MODX. We’ve created a platform that shows in 16 different languages, and it also gives language suggestions based on the IP address. So the visitors of Tridon’s platform will always see the platform in the right language for them.

Both the contact page and the routing of the chat, chatbot, and forms adapt to the user’s location, so visitors are always helped by a team that speaks the same language. That’s how you make it more accessible for your visitors to contact you while taking away friction.

“With our UNITES vision, we take care of each other and the people around us. In the end, our mission is to unite everywhere, everything, and everyone.”

Chatbot MPC

Live Chat & Chatbot.

The powerful connection between MODX and HubSpot lets Tridon create their own efficient chatbot. Tridon’s sales department always had continuous chat contact with their visitors, but this wasn’t always a good fit for Tridon. Since Tridon focuses on B2B, consumers could get more specialized help in a B2C webshop. Tridon’s chatbot now sends visitors to a specific page, an external partner’s webshop for B2C, the right department, the correct page, or gives the solution straight away. That’s how Tridon helps every visitor in the best way possible; in both the webshop of Tridon as the one of a partner.

A flow in HubSpot helps Tridon set the questions and reactions a chatbot has to show. With this flow, they make sure these chats and chatbots appear in the right languages and the correct pages. Their visitors will always contact the right department, and they will receive the right content. This was Tridon’s first introduction to a chatbot, and it has already processed half of the requests on their website.

Tridon forms

Solid Forms.

All forms are created and processed in HubSpot. Each form and each chat has its own routing, so data will always go to the right department. And always in the correct language. In HubSpot, they manage their contact forms, and also their download and fly-out forms for ebooks. Because all this data is saved and managed in one location, Tridon can help its customers even better by providing them with the information they are looking for.

MODX SAP Integration for product information

SAP Integration With MODX.

By integrating ERP software SAP, the full product catalog synchronizes automatically from SAP to the website. Now, Tridon doesn’t have to update all platforms manually, and their visitors will always see the newest product information. Always presented beautifully, and with great filters and the right routing of the visitors.

Digital Marketing Support Sterc

Digital Marketing Support.

We keep helping Tridon with their digital marketing. Together with the content team, the focus is on the experience journey of their customers. Together with Tridon, we look at what their focus groups are searching for in every step of their journey. We use this data to personalize the platform to each unique visitor, so every visitor gets the help they need.


Connect With Your Target Group.

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