Redesign Became New Web Portal

350 new pages with summary texts, 2,500 new photos, 100 videos, 2,000 links, 700 'did you know's', and all in three languages: Dutch, English, and German. What began as a relatively modest redesign ended up as an all-encompassing project: the new web portal for Texel. 

The project was established based on particular predetermined objectives. Using storytelling as part of the strategy ensures that the emotion of every season is reflected in the online experience, Visitors can make the story of Texel their own via mobile devices and desktop computers. Making a booking is a child's play, and information about day trips is easy to find. 

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Texel complex


It was the complexity of this website that made the project such an exciting challenge. All components had to be integrated into the site seamlessly: the link to the TOR reservation center (Oberon), the social wall, the photos, the videos, the chat functionality, an API for offline checkout system, Vendit: everything had to come together under one roof. And we did it! We also implemented elastic searching, which allows users to search thousands of pages quickly and effectively.


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