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ROE Visual.

Experience the products of ROE Visual wherever you are

As an international supplier of LED displays, ROE Visual was longing for an international platform that shows its growth ambitions online. To help them achieve this, they found the perfect partner in Sterc. Our first step was creating landing pages for their product launches during the ISE fair. Integrated with HubSpot, so their visitors could quickly schedule a meeting. Soon the next step followed: expanding these landing pages to an entirely new, multilingual MODX3 platform. Including featured product blocks and a new knowledge center so leads can experience the best of ROE Visual wherever they are.

Discover it now:

  • A new hyper-visual platform fully focused on product and market
  • Created in MODX3 to make content management a blast
  • Multilingual with language selector so visitors instantly view the website in the right language
  • Integrated with HubSpot so ROE Visual always offers the right content at the right time
  • Including a partner portal that helps resellers show the power of ROE Visual

Experience the amazing products of ROE Visual yourself. Go to roevisual.com

ROE Visual Visuele website

Hyper-visual website.

Get noticed with LED displays! But don’t forget to put yourself out there too. That’s why we’ve brought the visual of ROE Visual online. Focusing on the different markets ROE Visual supplies and their powerful products, we wanted to let the best of ROE Visual speak for itself. With amazing product pictures and a featured product block, you can enjoy the best of ROE Visual from the comfort of your home.

ROE Visual and MODX3

Next level MODX.

ROE Visual already used MODX, but we’ve brought both their website and the CMS to the next level. The first step in doing so was migrating their current MODX website to the new and improved MODX3. Focusing on optimizing the backend, ROE Visual now has a more user-friendly, faster, and more secure CMS at its fingertips. All while freshening up the front end of their website too.

Want to know the best part? With the help of content blocks for text, image, and video, ROE Visual can now create and edit its web pages in no time.

International and multilingual website

International organization.

ROE Visual offers LED displays to customers all around the world. It’s therefore necessary to have a multilingual website to serve these international customers. That’s why we’ve created a multilingual website with a language selector so that visitors automatically go to the website shown in their language. And if you need any help, global support is there to help you out in whatever language you speak.

Knowledge Center ROE Visual

Get to the right information in an instant.

As a B2B organization, sharing knowledge is crucial to connect customers to your brand. That’s why ROE Visual and we have updated their knowledge center. Integrated with HubSpot, ROE Visual can easily add new downloads while allowing their web visitors to get to the right information in an instant.

ROE Visual Partner Portal ROE Visual Partner Portal ROE Visual Partner Portal

Partner portal.

With the new partner portal, partners and resellers of ROE Visual can find what they need instantly. After logging in, their partners immediately see an overview of recommended downloads such as product specifications and information about specific products. The partner portal helps ROE Visual’s resellers find what they need to share the power of ROE Visual.

GhostFrame website GhostFrame website GhostFrame website GhostFrame website

GhostFrame™: Green screen and set in one.

To simplify and shorten the post-production process, ROE Visual, together with its partners, has invented an entirely new technique: GhostFrame™. This advanced technology makes it possible to simultaneously display multiple sets of fully dynamic images on a LED screen within a camera’s production frame. This allows the camera to capture multiple sets of images while the naked eye sees only one.

For this awesome new business, we were asked to create a completely new platform. The design is fully based on its logo. Together with the best functionalities of ROE Visual’s new platform and the layering effect that shows how GhostFrame™ works, you have an all-new great platform!

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