Mid-America Christian University

Mid-America Christian University.

An Online Experience That Encourages to Create, Connect, and Innovate

An online experience that encourages to create, connect, and innovate, that’s what the new website of the Mid-America Christian University is all about. An extraordinary collaboration started between us as an international MODX development team, an external web designer, and the American Mid-America Christian University. Discover our creation!


A Strong Start!

We started with a full analysis of the website of MACU and the top 40 best scoring website pages. Together with the MACU team, we obtained a lot of insights. We used these insights to set the Key Performance Indicators, which were translated to design guidelines.

That’s how we, together with the Italian designer, created 100 designs, templates, and content blocks. With these designs, we not only had to take the standard functionalities into account. We also had to think of disability functionality and the requirements of the American government.

MACU content blocks

Content Blocks.

The content blocks we created for MACU made sure that MACU can easily create new pages and add content. These content blocks can be stacked onto each other, so MACU could present every piece of content in the way they want. That’s how they can easily add, adjust, or delete a text block, an image or form, without having to write a single piece of code. The style is already determined in the template, so added content blocks are immediately shown in the right design.

MACU data students

Connecting Data.

Every year new studies are added, schedules adjusted, and courses expanded. To make it easy for MACU to get all these data into the CMS, we created a link with the files used for internal communication. That’s how all the data MACU already used to inform all the faculty members, gets automatically on the website—perfectly customized to the design, without having to add this data all over again.

Marketing automation.

The online platform of MACU is fully integrated with the marketing automation software Marketo. Now every one of the MACU teams can easily add forms and subscribers are automatically added to the contact database.

That’s how subscribers are up to date with the latest news in their area of interest. Besides that, students and interested people can easily ask their questions using the live chat functionality we added. That’s how starting a conversation with your target group is more accessible, and content can be adjusted to their specific needs.


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