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Discover How Kabelnoord Convinces Its Clients With a New Digital Platform

As a cable company, Kabelnoord was tasked with installing a new fiber network throughout multiple areas in the northern province of The Netherlands: Friesland. But before they could start this project, they had to bundle the demand per town. In other words: they had to convince each potential customer of the new fiber network’s power and Kabelnoord. And that’s a challenge we couldn’t resist. Besides that, we also got the opportunity to create a new digital platform for Kabelnoord as a provider for the internet, television, and telephone. This is where they could show all their products and services.

Discover the new Kabelnoord:

  • A unique platform for bundling the demand
  • A new platform for services, support, and contact for both private and business customers
  • A continuous connection between online and offline
  • Create your package with the services configurator
  • Integration with the service manager, CRM, and ERP system

Kabelnoord's Challenge.

To install a new fiber network, Kabelnoord has to bundle the demand per town. For this, we focused on mapping out every potential participant’s journey, and we created a continuous connection between online and offline communication. To convince the potential participants, we’ve created an online platform for bundling the demand. On this platform, the people interested could see if they were eligible for getting the super-fast fiber network.

Although the demand bundling is still progressing, we’ve also created a new services platform for Kabelnoord as a provider. This platform shows Kabelnoord’s services, as well as their support and contact possibilities. For this platform, we’ve created a service configurator for the web visitors, we’ve added a chat to the website, a FAQ-page, and the platform shows automated notifications with disruptions on the network. Everything to help new and existing customers in the best possible way.

Kabelnoord Services Configurator

Services Configurator.

The postal code checker is one of the most critical features of both platforms. This postal code checker shows you which services are available on your address. Our challenge with this was that these services could be different not only per postal area but even per home address. That’s why we’ve created the services configurator. With this configurator, you can compose your unique Kabelnoord service package for every parcel number.

Kabelnoord Compose Your Package

Your Unique Kabelnoord Package.

The postal code checker can show different results: not available, we’re going to work here, we’re working here, and ‘yes, it’s ready!’. After filling in your postal code, users can compose their own packages based on the available services on their parcel number. With the services configurator, users can add and delete services, and it immediately shows a receipt of the selected services—everything with the focus on creating a great user experience. 

Creating your unique Kabelnoord package is made as simple as possible. Just select or deselect services to compose your package, and added forms that help users by showing known data so that they don’t have to fill in their data twice. And when you want to make an appointment with an installer, you have to fill in your availability when ordering your package. The platform will show the installer’s availability too, so your new package is installed in no time.

Kabelnoord FAQ

Kabelnoord's Support.

Kabelnoord is close to its customers and makes sure getting in touch with them is as easy as possible. To help their target group in the best way possible, you can email or call them, or fill in their contact form. On top of that, they also have a chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. That’s how (potential) customers can ask their questions to Kabelnoord directly. What makes Kabelnoord’s contact possibilities even better, is that you get connected with a real employee immediately, instead of hearing a voice-over first. At Kabelnoord, they give their customers the attention they deserve, and that’s what all want!

Besides that, the new platform of Kabelnoord also shows a FAQ-page, where you can quickly find the answer to your questions and download manuals. Disruptions, updates, and other important information are automatically displayed as a notification on their website. And because most customers of Kabelnoord aren’t frequent visitors, this notification will also show on their social media channels. That’s how Kabelnoord’s customers are always up-to-date. 

Integrations MODX

Great Integrations.

To have everything up-to-date and connected, we’ve integrated the current CRM and ERP systems of Kabelnoord to the MODX CMS. That’s how orders go immediately and automatically from the ordering to the software of Kabelnoord. Fast and secure.

Kabelnoord Collaboration

Long-Term Collaboration.

Together with Kabelnoord, we continue to develop new web environments and improving the online presence of Kabelnoord.


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