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Read How a Brand Shift Helped InterFaca to Grow Online

InterFaca grows! So they were looking for a platform with more potential and a more powerful strategy. Because InterFaca was already doing great online, Sterc had to dig a little deeper to get to the right approach for InterFaca. What we’ve created goes from online to offline and from web to marketing. Everything with a complete focus on the customer.

Where it All Started...

As a client of our little brother Heibel, InterFaca surely wasn’t an unfamiliar business. InterFaca creates wooden cladding for the higher segment. Focusing on themes like People, Product, and Nature, they were focused on showing their growth online.

When the new brand movie of InterFaca was released, they decided to focus less on the product, and start focusing more on emotion and the feeling the product gives. InterFaca not only offers wooden cladding, but it also provides its customers with professional advice on how to use the product.

The unique character of wooden cladding with its special treatment had to be shown to everyone. That’s where Sterc came in. We were going to help sell the feeling the wood gives. For this, you need to have a thought out strategy that speaks to your target groups. That’s where we got started for InterFaca.

A True Brand Shift.

The three fundamental values of InterFaca had to be visible online in all of their content. Although the brand movie was a great start, the new InterFaca needed to be shown throughout the website and the other marketing. We started a real brand shift.

Starting with our Sterc model, we created a brand new strategy for InterFaca, focusing entirely on their values. We translated this strategy into an inbound strategy, where the focus is on the customer. The next level marketing platform HubSpot fits perfectly with this strategy, and we integrated HubSpot with the MODX Content Management System.

The inbound strategy entirely focuses on people, and every unique person has to get unique content. We separated the content into different pieces. Each piece of content reflects a different phase of the customer journey and various segments of the target group. New visitors aren’t looking for in-depth information straight away, while customers are looking for this information. With this inbound strategy, every visitor of the website gets a unique piece of content, perfectly reflecting where they are within their customer journey.

Inbound Marketing & CRM.

To generate better and more leads, nurture these, improve service and help sales, we used the all-in-one platform HubSpot. This is where we brought our inbound strategy to live. In HubSpot, marketing, sales, and service come together so that they can help prospects and customers in the best possible way.

HubSpot is a platform focused on attracting and maintaining leads and customers. By bringing marketing, sales, service, and all your data together in one place, you can attract and help each lead and customer in the best way. Now your leads will turn into customers, and customers will stay involved with your brand and organization.

MODX HubSpot integration

HubSpot & MODX.

By fully integrating HubSpot with the MODX CMS we can offer the best of both worlds. Now InterFaca can get started with live chat and chatbot, while the ContentBlocks of MODX give InterFaca complete freedom in the design of the pages. They can also place forms created in HubSpot anywhere on the website. These powerful forms of HubSpot let leads convert quickly and let every lead enroll in the right workflow automatically. That’s how any lead gets automatically send the requested information.

Experience journey

Unique Experience.

With Hubspot, you know exactly where every lead is in their customer journey. You can use this data to provide a lead with the content he’s looking for or in any other way within your marketing strategy.

Quickly guide new visitors to your pages where they can convert, to get more data from them. You can also send them automated emails that’ll convince them of the power of your organization. All while your customers get a personal greeting and letting them quickly create a ticket within your chat. That’s how you create a personal experience for every visitor.

Expertise Center.

InterFaca knows all about its products, and they show this off in their expertise center. This expertise center is where blogs, videos, and ebooks come together and show you how to handle the product the right way. You can even attend training sessions, so you know what the best way is to use and care for your product.

Are the videos and blogs not enough? Leads and customers can always ask their questions in de live chat of HubSpot or WhatsApp. With just one click, they arrive in a familiar chat environment where they can quickly ask all their questions. Now every customer will receive the help they need while staying involved with InterFaca.

quick scan qr

A Quick Scan.

Assembling the wooden cladding the right way is crucial. That’s why InterFaca printed QR codes on their products that let scanners go to a page containing instructions and movies. Now they’ll know in no-time how their product needs to be installed, to get the most out of it.


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