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Hooghoudt New Website With Inspiration and Knowledge


The New Generation of Genevers

Hooghoudt has completely changed its course: a brand new logo, a new bottle, and a completely new design. Their digital platform couldn’t be left out. Together with Hooghoudt, we redesigned their platform so both their offline and online branding is appealing to the younger generation. Since we’ve been partners for ages, this was a challenge we couldn’t resist. The result is a digital platform that fits Hooghoudt’s new branding perfectly. Complete with an online booking system, a dynamic design, an integration with social media, and mouthwatering cocktail mixes.

Discover Hooghoudt’s new platform, complete with:

  • The renewed identity to appeal to the younger generation
  • Dynamic design effects
  • Online booking system for tours and masterclasses
  • Mouthwatering cocktail mixes and exciting stories

Want to experience Hooghoudt genevers? Visit hooghoudt.com

How Hooghoudt Changed Its Course.

Hooghoudt has been famous for its genevers for ages. Sadly, their genevers have gotten a somewhat old fashioned image throughout the years. High time to change their strategy entirely for them to save their brand without losing authenticity. And what a course Hooghoudt took! To make the brand more appealing for the younger generation, Hooghoudt changed its logo, design, the names of their genevers, and even the bottles are different. Everything has changed, except for the grain. And with that, their digital environment had to make a change too.

Hooghoudt New Website

Refreshingly Redesign.

Hooghoudt’s complete digital platform got a redesign, which better suited the renewed branding and, therefore, the younger generation. With typical Dutch illustrations, new colors, and new fonts, their new platform perfectly fits the brand new Hooghoudt.

Hooghoudt Genever New Design

Hooghoudt Genevers

Knowledge & Inspiration.

To better market their new drinks Raw Genever, Aged Genever 5 Years, and the non-alcoholic Zero Zero 24, and to bring their other drinks back to life, Hooghoudt made their website a place filled with inspiration. Visitors can find the most mouthwatering cocktails you can make with Hooghoudt’s genever.

When you already know everything about genever, want to go a little further than the standard cocktails, or want to sound interesting during the upcoming birthday, Hooghoudt has created something for you too! On their Geneverpedia page, you can find everything about genever: from taste to history. Before you know it you invent Hooghoudt’s newest cocktail ;)

Hooghoudt taste-makers

Online Reservations.

Hooghoudt’s tours are great for getting to know more about the world of genever and Hooghoudt. We thought that has to be something everyone has to experience! To make this as accessible as possible, we’ve integrated an online booking system into Hooghoudt’s website. Visitors can now schedule tours at moments that Hooghoudt is available, easy-peasy!

Hooghoudt Collection

Hooghoudt Offers Online Masterclasses

Hooghoudt is Always Close.

During these crazy times of the corona epidemy, Hooghoudt certainly didn’t sit still. You can now enjoy the best of Hooghoudt at home. And with the best of Hooghoudt, we do not only mean their genevers, but also their great stories and the best mixes. Hooghoudt, therefore, offers its masterclasses online, so you won’t have to miss out on enjoying Hooghoudt’s passion for genevers

Hooghoudt Disinfecting Alcohol

Hooghoudt Supports the Health Care.

Besides their online masterclasses, Hooghoudt also contributes to health care. Now, Hooghoudt not only supplies delicious hand gel, but they also create disinfecting hand gels. Of course, with matching packaging ;)

Hooghoudt in the Mix.

Want to discover Hooghoudt throughout the years? Experience Hooghoudt in this video!


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