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Seasonality marketing

The school year has started! That means that the necessary school supplies are bought, and the ‘Back to School’ season has come to an end. Still, school supplies aren’t the only thing people are searching for, and Google showed how almost every bussiness could profit from seasonality marketing. This blog will show you how you can make yourself ready for the upcoming seasons!


The necessary school supplies

The Back to School season of the Dutch consumers, the season in which students are searching for essential school supplies and the bags required to carry all this stuff around. Google showed significant growth in the search for school supplies, the number of searches for school bags even increased by +419%! Still, we aren’t only searching for school supplies. Our searches are more advanced than that. That’s what makes the Back to School season interesting for any business. 


Advanced searches

During the Back to School season, we are also searching for student laptops (+160%), and fashion items like autumn jackets (+6871%) and winter items (+523%). But then we’re only talking about retail. Because all those supplies have to be paid for, that’s why students are searching for student jobs (+65%), student loans (+60%), and student discounts (+75%).

This makes Back to School the perfect season for restaurants, supermarkets, and other companies that offer student jobs and internships. But not only are students looking for a job, so are teachers. Since there was a 70% increase in searches related to the earnings of a teacher in the Netherlands, retail businesses can stand out even more by offering discounts on necessary school supplies and fashion trends. Also, banks can create visibility by showing saving tips and budgeting advice.

Because a lot of students are also searching for a temporary stay, this season is interesting for housing organizations or private landlords to give their vacant houses an extra boost. This may also be profitable for furnishing stores. And remember those saving tips? They’ll also come in handy for these purchases. But also tips about saving energy at home (and thereby costs), blogs about furnishing small student rooms, and home interior trends may be popular searches during this time.

Finally, right after the summer holiday, people already start searching for autumn holidays. An increase of +110% of the search ‘autumn holiday’ shows us how people are longing for some time for themselves. This makes the Back to School season the perfect season for travel organizations too.


Seasonality marketing

These numbers show how every business may profit from a specific season. With seasonality marketing, you can go all the way! The success of this type of marketing (besides the offering of the needed products for that season) is in the limited offering. That’s how people feel the pressure to buy something now it’s time the product can be purchased and you can save money because of the discounts. Think of the popularity of Black Friday discounts and early-bird discounts for the summer holidays when it’s winter. People know about specific times of the year when some things are discounted; think about that the next time you want your products and offers to stand out.


How to get started with seasonality marketing?

When you want to get started with seasonality marketing, or when you want to know what the perfect moment is to boost your company, we show you the following tips:


1. Google Trends

Google Trens is a great tool to use when you want to know how frequently your keywords are used and what the most popular moment of the year for these searches is. Make sure you also use synonyms, or, when you’re a startup or market a new product, give your product other designations. Think like Ford: Don’t call the first car ever existed a ‘car’, but name it a carriage without horses. That’s how people can understand it, can relate to the need to have that product more.


2. Google Analytics

Of course, you can also take a look at the results your website shows you. When does your target group visit your website? Which pages do they visit? And why are these pages interesting during this time of the year? When you know what season is perfect for your company and its keywords, write extra content about that topic or promote yourself a little bit extra. For retail businesses, you might want to look at offering discounts on these products and use long-tail keywords to make the searches more specific.


3. Competitors

Your competitors are a valuable source to look at. See when your competitors are offering new products or discounts. When you know that, think about what value your company can provide your target group.

In the end, it’s all about looking at what your company can offer in a specific season. That doesn’t mean you have to do something every season of the year. Look at what added value you can offer, and when you can’t, then don’t. What’s the next thing you’re going to focus on? 

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