5 Things Webshops Can Learn From Coolblue.

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We probably all know about the great success of webshops like Amazon and CoolBlue. What most of us don’t know is how these big webshops are performing so well. In this blog, we’ll answer this question and show you five tips on how organizations can learn from CoolBlue.


Keep an eye on trends in the branch

The online world is always changing; that’s why it’s a good idea to always keep an eye on developments, trends, and competitors. Don’t just do the exact same thing, but use it as inspiration and see how you can implement these ideas into your company. That’s how you create a complete webshop or website for not only yourself but also for your clients and search engines like Google.


5 optimization tips of Coolblue

Coolblue is the perfect example of a webshop performing great online. But what can we learn from it? Here you’ll find the five things that make Coolblue the great brand that it is.


1. Honest

First of all, Coolblue is honest in everything they do. Besides giving enough information about the products, they also show both the benefits and the disadvantages of products. And they show reviews, videos, comparisons, and instructions about the products, so you find the product you need. Not only does Coolblue show its skills this way, but it also gives the customer a certainty about their purchase. And they know for sure that their questions get answered by a professional.


2. Customer-first

Coolblue always puts the customer first. On every channel. Besides the honest information the company shows about its products, they also think about how they can help their customers even better. They do this, for instance, by giving not only information about each product but also each category. So you know better where to start looking. Which might come in handy when you’re not such a handyman ;)

Even after the purchase, Coolblue does everything for a smile. From wait therapy to handwritten cards and excellent packages. Coolblue makes sure you can’t wait to receive your package. 

Finally, the customer service of Coolblue can be called somewhat extraordinary. You can see this in their NPS score, which is a vast +69!1 While the average NPC score in retail is around +142. This high NPS score shows that its customers highly recommend Coolblue. They do this by asking for specific feedback on the products, for example. That’s how they can solve problems earlier in the customer journey.


3. Social media

Coolblue is highly active on social media and makes sure that they get a smile on the face of every social media follower. Besides quickly answering all the questions they get on their different social media channels, they also get creative in their comments and answers. That’s how many people love Coolblue, and their posts frequently become viral. They are even that popular that their customers don’t hesitate to create their content about Coolblue: the valuable user-generated content.


4. Speed

They not only answer questions quickly, but also a fast webshop is what makes Coolblue so successful. We’ve already talked about it in many of our other blogs: Speed is crucial. Coolblue did this by getting al their different webshops together in one webshop: Coolblue.nl. Besides that, they also upload their images on a subdomain, which could make their main website not get slowed down by the massive amount of uploaded images.

What you can do to create a fast website, webshop, or other online product, is optimizing images. You probably know about uploading small image files, so they load more quickly. But you can also upload your images into a Webp image format (automatically). This not only makes the loading time shorter, but you also optimize your website’s images for Google. You can also add lazyload to your website, so only the part that’s visible without scrolling is loaded first. That’s how you can quickly show your website to the visitor, and make sure they won’t leave it because it’s too slow.


5. Data for optimizations

To pursue a customer-first strategy, you’ve got to know everything about your visitors. To stand out from its competitors, Coolblue takes this a step further than most would do: Coolblue creates products based on the search of their visitors.

By analyzing the searching behavior of their customers, Coolblue knows precisely what their customers are looking for in, for example, a laptop. They ask several laptop producers to create a laptop with these specifications. And that’s how Coolblue offers unique products in their webshop that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Since most of us don’t have the resources to create unique products, you might want some examples of what you can do with this customer data. Coolblue uses data for other stuff, too, like offering the choice of when you want your package to be delivered. Now people don’t have to stay home the whole day to receive their package but can choose the time that suits them. They also offer instructional videos, so their products are returned less. They use this data to give personalized recommendations too.


Want to know how you can use data to personalize your website? Read our blog about website personalization.


As you can read, Coolblue does absolutely everything for a smile. From purchase to delivery and more! Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all these things to improve your webshop’s performance. Use it as an inspiration to improve your webshop, strategy, or customer service. Benefit from it, and look at how you can use these tips for yourself. 

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