Umbraco vs MODX.

MODX vs umbraco

MODX stands for flexibility, security, scalability, search engine friendly and connectivity. Umbraco is flexible and secure too, but the biggest disadvantage is that you can only develop Umbraco products on Microsoft systems. Besides that, Umbraco is developed with a code, that most developers don’t have in their skill set. Finding a developer for your online Umbraco product is a lot harder this way.

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  MODX Umbraco
In a nutshell Open-source CMS for all website sizes Open-source CMS for all website sizes
User-Friendliness For both developers and non-developers very flexible Flexible for developers and non-developers
Adaptability Framework, fully customizable Framework, fully customizable
Themes & Plugins 822 MODX extras 1,250+ packages
Security Very secure, a MODX team checks all the code Very secure, internal and external teams that check all the code
Support Several MODX agencies like Sterc, and forums on MODX website Support forums, online documentation, online collaboration
Community Dedicated MODX community, Bug Hunt Days, Meetups, and Hackathons Meetups and Umbraco Festivals

What are the differences?

MODX and Umbraco both are open source Content Management Systems (CMS). Open source means that the source code of the CMS is available for everyone. Still, both CMSs are completely different. Find out more about the differences, so you can choose the CMS best suitable for your online goals.

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MODX usability


Both Umbraco and MODX can be called frameworks. You can start out of ‘nothing’ and develop everything from scratch or you can install a theme and make changes with packages and extras.

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Adaptability, themes & Plugins.

MODX: a fully customized website

A MODX website is as easy to customize as Umbraco. To keep your MODX website up-to-date multiple plugins have been developed that improve the user experience. Sterc has developed several MODX extras too, mainly for improving the SEO.

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Umbraco for developers and non-developers

Umbraco offers several themes you can use when you’re not a skilled developer. These themes can be expanded with packages to improve and add features. Besides that, you or a developer can fully customize the website.

MODX veiligheid


Since day one MODX has put security first. A team of the MODX Community checks all the code, detects vulnerabilities and solves these. So you can be sure of a secure MODX website.

Umbraco also scores high on security. Code input is tested by both an internal and an external team, and issues are shared in the Umbraco blog and quickly solved.

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Support & Community.


Users of MODX can get the support of MODX Agency Sterc. Having the most MODX developers in one place is one of Sterc's USPs. Read more about this here

Besides this, a worldwide operating MODX Community is continuously improving this prizewinning CMS. They do this by organizing Bug Hunt-Days, Meet Ups and Hackathons.


Umbraco considers itself as the most friendly CMS community in the world. You can find online documentation, get the help of experts, find info on forums and work together on plugins.

Umbraco organizes small meetups and one-day Umbraco festivals.

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