Magento vs MODX.

Magento vs MODX

Both MODX and Magento focus on the flexibility, security, and scalability of your website. The biggest difference is that Magento focuses on eCommerce.

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  MODX Magento
In a nutshell Open-source CMS for all website sizes Open-source CMS for e-commerce
User-Friendliness For both developers and non-developers very flexible Not very flexible, only for making webshops
Adaptability Framework, fully customizable Themes and plugins specifically for e-commerce
Themes & Plugins 820+ MODX extras, 15+ MODX Commerce extensions 4,840+ extensions, 14 themes
Security Very secure, a MODX team checks all the code Very secure, Security Scan Tool, and best practices
Support Several MODX agencies like Sterc, and forums on MODX website Forums, documents, tutorials, and request consults with experts
Community Dedicated MODX community, Bug Hunt Days, Meetups, and Hackathons Meetups to get in contact with Magento users and experts

What are the differences?

MODX and Magento both are open source Content Management Systems (CMS). Open source means that the source code of the CMS is available for everyone. Still, both CMSs are completely different. Find out more about the differences, so you can choose the CMS best suitable for your online goals.

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Both Magento and MODX are suitable for eCommerce. The biggest difference is that Magento only focuses on eCommerce, whereas MODX gives you all the freedom to create all the online products you need to achieve your online goals.

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Adaptability, themes & Plugins.

MODX: a CMS for all online products

MODX gives you all the freedom to create a customized online product. This online product can either be a webshop, but a website, digital signage or intranet too. That’s how MODX gives you all the freedom you need to achieve your goals while offering the features you need to start with eCommerce. Besides that, you can add every software package you already use for eCommerce, so you can work with the webshop you like.

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Magento: A CMS for eCommerce

When you want to start a webshop only, Magento might be the perfect CMS for you. Plugins and themes are specifically made for eCommerce and will improve the functionality of it. However eCommerce isn’t just a webshop anymore, you might want to create a blog, temporary landing pages, and other marketing products. Although these are possibilities in Magento, it’s not very flexible to design it the way you want.

MODX security


When starting with eCommerce, security should be priority number one. Since day one MODX has put security first. A team of the MODX Community checks all the code, detects vulnerabilities and solves these. So you can be sure of a secure MODX website.

Magento is focused on maintaining secure websites too. Just like MODX, Magento offers a Security Tool that finds vulnerabilities and it offers best practices to enhance the security of your website.

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Support & Community.


Users of MODX can get support from Sterc. Having the most MODX developers in one place is one of Sterc's USP. Read more about this here.

Besides this, a worldwide operating MODX Community is improving this pricewinning CMS. They do this by organizing Bug Hunt Days, Meet Ups, and Hackathons.


You can visit the website of Magento for forums, documentation, and tutorials about Magento. Besides that, you can ask for consults with Magento experts.

Besides that, you can always ask the Magento Community for help. By organizing Meetups you can easily get in contact with other users and Magento experts.

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