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Joomla vs MODX.

joomla vs modx

MODX stands for flexibility, security, scalability, search engine friendly and connectivity. However, Joomla is still one of the most popular CMSs. This is because everyone can easily customize a Joomla website.

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  MODX Joomla
In a nutshell Open-source CMS for all website sizes Open-source CMS for less complex websites
User-Friendliness For both developers and non-developers very flexible Very easy for non-developers
Adaptability Framework, fully customizable Many extensions to make additions to
Themes & Plugins 822 MODX extras 7,900+ extensions
Security Very secure, a MODX team checks all the code Many hacking attacks, but pretty secure
Support Several MODX agencies like Sterc, and forums on MODX website Support forums, mailing lists, and Joomla Issue Tracker
Community Dedicated MODX community, Bug Hunt Days, Meetups, and Hackathons JoomlaDay and Pizza, Bugs & Fun

What are the differences?

MODX and Joomla both are open source Content Management Systems (CMS). Open source means that the source code of the CMS is available for everyone. Still, both CMSs are completely different. Find out more about the differences, so you can choose the CMS best suitable for your online goals.

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The most significant difference between MODX and Joomla is usability. Joomla is comparable with WordPress, but just a little harder to make changes in. Still, every developer and non-developer can make changes in the many themes Joomla offers. These themes do limit the freedom for developers and web designers. That’s why they would prefer MODX.

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Adaptability, themes & Plugins.

MODX: a fully customized website

A MODX website is way easier to customize than a WordPress website. To make your MODX website fit your online goals even more you can install plugins, which improve the user experience too.

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Joomla: easy to create a new website

Creating a Joomla website is very easy. Making changes to the functionalities of the website could bring you a hard time. Not all extensions are supported by the Joomla version you use.

MODX security


Since day one MODX has put security first. A team of the MODX Community checks all the code, detects vulnerabilities and solves these. So you can be sure of a secure MODX website.

Because Joomla is one of the most popular CMSs, it gets hacked regularly. Of course, Joomla still offers plenty of security measures and you can download a document to secure your website.

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Support & Community.


Users of MODX can get the support of MODX Agency Sterc. Having the most MODX developers in one place is one of Sterc's USPs. Read more about this here.

Besides this, a worldwide operating MODX Community is continuously improving this prizewinning CMS. They do this by organizing Bug Hunt-Days, Meet Ups and Hackathons.


Joomla offers its users enough support. You can ask your questions on the forum, subscribe yourself to mailing lists and you have a Joomla Issue Tracker.

Besides that, the Joomla Community regularly organizes meetups like JoomlaDay and Pizza, Bugs & Fun.

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