Discover How to Stand Out for Potential Candidates.


More and more vacancies, while lesser people are looking for a job. The shortage of the Dutch labor market has reached a new record1. While at the same time, Uber has laid off 400 marketers from all over the world. It’s time to let your company shine and get these valuable employees to your company. This blog will tell you about the recruitment funnel, and how to get noticed by your potential candidates. 


Recruitment marketing

Getting new candidates to your company is harder than ever. Browsing through the newspaper looking for vacancies is in the past, and the online world is the right place to be. High time to change your labor market communications!

Labor market communications can be seen as online communication as a whole. That’s because job seekers seem to take the same steps as consumers before they ‘convert’. The employee journey and recruitment funnel of job seekers are almost identical to the customer journey, and sales funnel. Add the 8 to 12 touchpoints customers, and job seekers need to convert and get ready for communicating via social media, a job environment, and your company’s website.


Who are you talking to?

To know what the right way of communicating is, you need to know who your target group is. The vast majority of the labor market consists of Millennials or Generation Ys. A generation with its own values and ambitions where your communications have to focus on.

Millennials are born with the digital world and know better than anyone how to find information online. That’s why they don’t like to go to the office every day, prefer freedom with a pleasant work environment and room to develop yourself. To get Millennials to your company and keep them there, you need to show them your company and give them a challenge and freedom. 


Recruiting via social media

Showing the work environment, that’s where you can make use of channels like social media and online marketing platforms, but how do you get started? The most popular recruiting platform is probably LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers several possibilities to show all the ins and outs of your company. What do you have to offer, what kind of company are you, and who are already working there?

Besides a LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn offers something new: career pages. Career pages are pages within your company profile that provide extra space for your vacancies and showing off your work environment. Job seekers can take a look at your company with photos, videos, and testimonials. When they are enthusiastic about your company, they can send a message directly to the HR manager. 

You can use Facebook and Instagram for recruiting too. Facebook offers a job tab where you can show vacancies, promote these, and job seekers can send a message to the HR manager.


Online job environment

Besides social media, it’s essential to let your website visitors know about your open vacancies too. An online job environment enables you to show your vacancies, the company culture, and contact possibilities.

Unlike social media, you can design your job environment the way you want and add extra features too! You can show notifications when new jobs are added, chat in any way you want, and show a map that shows the route between home and work. 

A job environment can make it easier for the recruiter too. Get valuable job seekers to your company with the LinkedIn Scraper and collect all the information of the applicants in one place by integrating HRM tools.


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