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Personas of the Lifestyle Finder.

Personas lifestyle finder

The Lifestyle Finder has divided the Dutch population into seven different segments. Not based on age or family, as we did 30 years ago, but on the values and motivations that determine their behavior. The Lifestyle Finder is based on the BSR model's classification and focuses on the leisure industry.

In this series of blog articles, marketing professional Edwin van der Woude from Het Regiobureau will take you on a journey to the world of focus groups. He’ll show us what we can learn from the leisure and travel industry. In the previous blogs, we discussed the importance of target group segmentation, models you can use, and value models used in the travel industry. This blog we’ll show you the different personas of the Lifestyle Finder.


First, we’ll start with a short introduction. You might have already determined which target group suits your company best, or which target groups you want to focus on.


Adventure seeker Maika - I get the most out of life

Maike loves to spend her spare time focusing on self-development. She wants to experience new things, does her own things, and doesn’t mind going on vacation alone. She does prepare her holidays but doesn’t mind leaving some things up to faith. Maika likes getting to know the locals, and can live with little comfort and luxury. Maika is committed, intelligent and ambitious. She prefers to stay in small accommodations, such as B&Bs, boutique hotels, and AirBnBs. She is interested in culture, both historic and contemporary traditions and traditions at her destination.



Fun seeker Roxanne - a day without laughter is a day wasted

Roxanne is a cheerful, spontaneous girl. She loves to have fun, empty her head, and get entertained. Not to make the world a better place, that’s more Maika’s thing, but just to be entertained. Roxanne likes to be surrounded by family and friends and enjoys everything fun. She loves to do things: a day trip, going out, a city trip, or a holiday to the sun. She isn’t really critical about the location, as long as there’s enough room to have great fun.



Harmony seeker Lieneke - When the kids are having fun, I can have fun

Lieneke is a friendly, and fun person. She is very social and tends to put herself in the background. Keeping harmony in her family is the most important thing in her life. Spare time is - in her eyes - all about being together: going to the pool, the zoo, or a playground. It doesn’t have to be super adventurous or crazy, she just wants to be sure that everyone is having fun. That’s why she loves to plan her trips in advance. She’s focused on the costs, something Roxanne couldn’t care less about. Lieneke isn’t really demanding, as long as everyone is having fun and she can take care of them.


Connection seeker Hans - Enjoy the small things in life

Hans is socially responsible: he loves to spend his spare time taking care of someone else. He volunteers and is involved in associations. He loves to go places with his family or friends, enjoys nature by bicycle or walking, and - from time to time - visits a museum. During his vacation, he likes to go out, and - therefore - doesn’t have to stay in one place all the time. Hans does choose more renowned and well-known places as his accommodation, so he’s sure that all is good. And if he likes it, he will probably return to that place. Hans enjoys the little things in life.


Peace seeker Bert - Preferably in my own trusted environment

Bert enjoys peace and quiet. He loves to relax in a trusted environment and stays at home during holidays. Do some gardening and chores. Bert doesn’t need much to enjoy. When going on vacation, he stays close to home in a familiar place. Bert often has his own spot at a campsite or his own house in a park. Bert does not do much during his vacation. Continues through the day with a fixed pattern. Reads a book, makes a puzzle, and occasionally goes for a bike ride, walks through a park, and visits a nearby village. Bert does not want any hassle during his holiday, but peace, space, and regularity.


Insight seeker Jacques - Wants to learn and experience

Jacques is a thoughtful and intelligent person. He doesn’t mind being alone, is business-like and balanced. Jacques is very interested and would also like to know a lot about different subjects. He wants to develop and learn in his spare time. He does not like places where many people come, he avoids these. He likes to go to a museum or cultural-historical places. Leisure is also a moment for reflection for Jacques. He likes to go his own way and does not easily adapt to the wishes of others in his travel group. His own wishes are leading. Jacques's free time is valuable, you have to spend it well. Jacques is very restrained and very fond of his privacy.


Style seeker Danielle - Seeking comfort and challenges

Danielle is intelligent, sporty, confident, and goal-oriented. Being a business type, she knows exactly what she wants. She sets high standards for herself and thinks she can do the same for others during her vacation. She likes luxury and comfort, when she is free she likes to be pampered. She does not join the crowd and wants something different from others. She would like to gain new experiences, to be stimulated. Danielle often goes out: on city trips and trips to far-away countries. But not with a tent or folding caravan. She likes to stay in a comfortable hotel with good facilities and doesn't mind paying a little more, as long as it's good.



Tip: all data is available

You can find everything about the different lifestyle segments on leefstijlvinder.nl. When you create an account, you can go deep into analysis and you can even upload the postcodes of your own customers to see how the different segments are distributed over your customer base. And don't worry about the costs… it has already been paid by nine provinces of the Netherlands.

Edwin van der Woude Regiobureau

Edwin van der Woude

Edwin is a freelance marketing manager and advisor that has been active in the regional marketing and tourism sector for the past ten years. As an experienced and enthusiastic professional, Edwin takes us into the world of target groups, and he will show us what we can learn from the leisure and travel industry. Edwin is just like Sterc partner of Het Regiobureau. He is also a senior advisor connected to the Bureau voor Ruimte en Vrije Tijd.

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