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SEO Suite 2.0: The all-in-one SEO Extra for MODX SEO Suite 2.0: The all-in-one SEO Extra for MODX SEO Suite 2.0: The all-in-one SEO Extra for MODX SEO Suite 2.0: The all-in-one SEO Extra for MODX

SEO Suite 2.0.

The all-in-one SEO Extra for MODX

SEO Suite 2.0 combines the power of MODX Extras SEO Pro, SEO Tab, and SEO Suite. A new all-in-one SEO Extra was born to help you optimize your meta content, influence the indexability of your pages, and create 301 redirects.

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SEO Suite 2.0 Meta Content

Optimize the meta content.

SEO Suite 2.0 helps you optimize your meta content and shows you what your Google and Yandex search results will look like on desktop and mobile. Simply fill in the keywords the page focuses on and this Extra checks if you’re using these keywords while keeping you within the set character limit of the search result. That’s how you help content managers create the perfect search result.

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SEO Suite 2.0 Social Data

Manage social metadata.

This Extra also allows you to manage the preview of a URL when placing one into your Facebook or Twiter update. Click on the ‘Social’ tab, and decide the title, description and image that get shown. That’s how you attract social users to your social post and allow your followers to get to your website in an instant.

SEO Suite 2.0 Manage indexability

Influence the indexability.

Decide which pages you want Google to index and with that show in their search results. You can, for instance, let Google index an SEO page while not allowing it to index a similar, action-focused SEA landing page. Now you never have to worry about duplicate content again! You can also decide which pages are included in the XML sitemap and your internal search results, and what your URL will look like with the help of freeze URL or canonical URL.

SEO Suite 2.0 301 redirects

Manage 301 redirects.

Make sure no visitors will ever see a 404-page again with the help of SEO Suite 2.0. Every time you unpublish a page or move it, SEO Suite will immediately look for a similar page. After one is found, it will create a 301 redirect to this new page. When it has multiple similar pages, this Extra will let you decide.

Even if you change the URL for whatever reason, SEO Suite will automatically create a 301 redirect. When a visitor still finds himself on a 404-page, this URL is automatically added to SEO Suite so you can prevent this from happening the next time.

Of course, we don’t expect content managers to always remember to look in SEO Suite. That’s why we’ve created a dashboard widget showing the latest 404 URLs on your dashboard. That’s how you’re always up-to-date on any changes and make sure 404 is never shown on the screen of your visitors.

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