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MODX to Nutshell CRM

MODX to Nutshell CRM.

Now you can easily integrate your MODX FormIt forms with Nutshell, via the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra. Using the Nutshell API, the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra adds a custom hook you can add to your FormIt forms and generates leads, people, and companies in your Nutshell environment based on your form fields. 

Download MODX to Nutshell


  • Checks for existing People and Companies, based on form fields
  • Automatically adds a new Nutshell contact (People), using email address and name from your FormIt form.
  • Adds a new Company and attaches it to the contact.
  • Creates a lead with a lead note based on your form fields.

Free Extra
This is a free extra and the code is publicly available for you to change. The extra is being actively maintained and you're free to put in pull requests which match our roadmap. Please create an issue if the pull request differs from the roadmap so we can make sure we're on the same page.

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