Formalicious MODX extra


Formalicious is a powerful form builder. Contact, subscribe, or sales forms are created in an instance. Users of Formalicious will experience it as a user-friendly program. Below we will explain the functionalities of this form builder.

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  • Eight different field types: text, text area, email, phone number, checkboxes, radiobuttons, drop-down select, and file upload. 
  • Built-in validation. This tool focuses on wholly and correctly filling in the requested details. These details are checked on authenticity (automatic sanitization).
  • Filled in forms are secured by 256-bit encryption. This means that there are at least 2^256 different code combinations are necessary to break into the system. That’s even for the newest computers almost impossible to crack.
  • Combine Formalicious with several FormIt functionalities. FormIt is a MODX Extra that processes submitted forms and created automatic acknowledgments, and follow-ups (such as sending an email or save emails encrypted)
  • User-specific, the user can determine which fields are used
  • HTML email and auto-replies. HTML emails have their format with a chosen design.
  • Submitted forms are collected per subject within MODX. That’s you can quickly find the submitted forms.

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