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MODX scan

MODX scan.

The MODX audit shows which functionalities you can improve on your website. This way, you can optimize your website in terms of search engine friendliness, security, and other improvements for more success. 

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During the MODX scan, we'll show you:

  • All the improvements you can do to improve your online performance
  • How to improve your findability
  • How to maximize the way you use MODX

Take a Look at How your Platform Performs!

Our quick scan shows you in no-time how your digital platform is performing in the area of speed, findability, and security. Just fill in your URL and watch your results!

MODX scan


After the MODX scan, you'll know what speed, security, findability, usability, and flexibility really is. MODX is powerful, we don't have to tell you that. However, your CMS could need an update from time-to-time. The MODX audit scan shows you a list with optimizations, so you can enjoy this robust Content Management System again.

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