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Docsify brochure

Docsify Brochure.

The Docsify tool in MODX helps you to create and export personalized and printable PDFs in no time. Straight from the MODX CMS you get started with creating pages, composing brochures, and exporting it. Want to know more about this great tool? Download our handy brochure!

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In the Docsify brochure you'll discover:

  • How MODX helps you to get in just 3 steps to a printable PDF
  • That you manage every team's roles and permissions with Docsify
  • That web2print doesn't have to be difficult at all

The benefits of web2print with Docsify.

Web2print helps you to create unique documents in an instant, for every individual lead. Within Docsify, you work with predefined templates containing your corporate identity so that you can easily monitor your branding and maintain consistency. Every team has its own role in creating PDFs: from editing to composing. Your teams work together to create unique documents containing only the content that's relevant for the prospect.

Because we've integrated the CMS with your external software, you keep your brochures always up-to-date with the newest product information, prices, specs, and anything else your organization has to offer.

Download Docsify Brochure.

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