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MODX developer

MODX developer.

A community of MODX enthusiasts

Sweet! You're already hip to MODX's awesomeness! At Sterc, we've been big fans of MODX for ages. It's all about that flexibility, killer online performance, and total creative freedom, right? But hey, we're not the only ones feeling the love! Did you know there's a whole MODX community out there? Come join the party!

  • Dedicated MODX community
  • MODX meetups across the world
  • Many MODX Extras
MODX community

Dedicated MODX Community.

MODX is known for its dedicated MODX community filled with developers who eagerly share their expertise, maintain the CMS, and continuously enhance it with innovative MODX Extras. With such a wealth of knowledge readily accessible, you're never navigating a project alone. Instead, you have a team of seasoned developers bolstering you with their profound understanding of this platform. That's what we call teamwork!

MODX meetups

MODX meetups.

MODX meetups happen all over the globe, bringing the community together for chats, knowledge sharing, bug fixing, and, of course, snacks and drinks! As a MODX agency, we've hosted meetups everywhere from Swiss to Italy and Serbia. Want to organize your own MODX meetup but not sure how to start? Hit us up, and we'll lend a hand!

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Get MODX work from anywhere.

Are you a MODX developer looking for more projects to work on? At www.workwithwander.com, we connect organizations and MODX developers, so you can help out with a easy-to-fix problem or show your skills in an entire development project! Learn more or enroll in our database at www.workwitwander.com!

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MODX agency Sterc.

The biggest dedicated MODX agency worldwide

At Sterc, we've been crafting online platforms—think websites, webshops, and career sites—for over 19 years, all powered by the trusty MODX CMS. With our extensive experience, we help our customers achieve their online goals. Plus, we've got your back, whether you need a MODX audit, help with development workflows, or even if you're looking to beef up your MODX dev team temporarily.

We are your MODX partner in crime:

  • The biggest dedicated MODX agency worldwide
  • MODX founding partner
  • 19+ years of MODX experience
  • Built over 25 MODX Extras used on almost every MODX platform out there

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