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A renewed recruitment site to optimize the candidate journey

After years of working together, we joined forces with Planon to renew Planon’s recruitment site. This is the place where potential applicants can learn everything about the company, view the latest news items which are always up-to-date through an API, and candidates from all around the world can apply with just one click. Want to know the best part? All candidate data is saved in talent management software Cegid Talentsoft Talentsoft, so Planon can manage and optimize the candidate journey and attract all exciting applicants.

Discover the new recruitment site of Planon:

  • All information and vacancies in 4 different languages
  • Integrated with Cegid Talentsoft so all candidate data is savely managed in one place
  • All news, blog, and event items are always up-to-date through an API

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Planon renewed Recruitment site

Planon: leader in real estate and facility management software.

Specializing in real estate and facility management software, over the years Planon grew to become the market leader. They develop, implement, and maintain software to streamline business processes for buildings, people, and assets. This could be, for example, software you can use to see if a meeting room or workplace is occupied. Planon has already existed for more than 40 years and has over 880 employees, and 2,500 customers worldwide.

Multilingual Recruitment site Multilingual Recruitment site Multilingual Recruitment site Multilingual Recruitment site

Multilingual recruitment site.

To match Planon’s new branding, optimize the candidate journey, and with that, attract more candidates, we’ve completely renewed Planon’s recruitment site. Now, candidates can discover Planon as an employer, they can read any new updates, and apply with one click. And, of course, in multiple languages. Since Planon is based in over 40 countries, we’ve made the recruitment site accessible in 4 different languages. That’s how we make sure that wherever the open vacancy is, it will be fulfilled in no time.

Planon vacancies Planon vacancies

Integration Cegid Talentsoft.

All candidate data in one place

By integrating Cegid Talentsoft, Planon saves all information about their vacancies and applicants in one place. This is where they can easily manage vacancies, save all candidate data, and select the right ones for the job. By integrating Cegid Talentsoft with MODX, vacancies can be created or edited within Cegid Talentsoft and the API makes it show in the right styling on Planon’s recruitment site.

Planon news items API

All the news, always up-to-date.

To show all news, blog, and event items of the corporate site on the recruitment site too, we’ve connected these platforms through an API. This integration transferred all news items of the last years in one go, and any new items will be added automatically on both the corporate and the recruitment site. Now, these items only have to be managed in one place, and you don’t have to worry about double input.

Recruitment site Sterc

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