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Planon grows! As an organization, but also online. Planon already had a MODX website, that’s why they were looking for the right MODX expert to help them with their online growth. And that’s what they found in Sterc! With the help of our MODX audit, we analyzed the areas Planon could improve and how to maximize their MODX platform. After that, it was time for further improvements: a brand new partner portal with a log-in system and a renewed and expanded resources center were the results!

Discover the new Planon:

  • Updated MODX with improved security
  • Marketing automation to the max
  • Personalized and multilingual content
  • A brand new partner portal
  • Renewed resources center where you will learn something new every day

Visit and discover the new Planon!

Planon Software Partner Portal and Recources Filtering

Planon: Market Leader in Real Estate and Facility Management Software.

Planon specializes in real estate and facility management software. Even more so, they are the market leader! They develop, implement, and maintain software to streamline business processes for buildings, people, and assets. One example of this is a software you can use to see if a meeting room or workplace is occupied. Planon already exists for more than 35 years and has over 750 employees and 2,500 customers worldwide.

Personalized Content.

After the MODX audit, we helped Planon to update their MODX and improve their marketing automation. Planon was already using marketing automation software Marketo for the creation and tracking of forms and landing pages. With our help, Planon could create landing pages in the same styling as their website, so their branding is consistent on all channels.

Besides this, Planon can also offer their web visitors personalized content with the help of predictive content. Now their visitors will only see the news or blog items that are interesting to them. And because we’ve made the website multilingual, customers from all around the world can view this personalized content.

Planon Software Filter Resources Center

Get to the Right Content Fast.

To find your way through all of their content, we’ve renewed the resources center. With an advanced filter, you get to the right content in an instant. This extensive filter finds in the many articles, webinars, client cases, events, and press releases the right match for you. So you never have to endlessly search for that interesting piece of content again, while Planon won’t lose any visitors because of it.

Planon: Also For Partners.

The next step on Planon’s roadmap was creating a new partner portal, complete with whitepapers, knowledge articles, and many more designed explicitly for their partners. Although Planon already had a customer portal, we’ve created an entirely new partner portal, starting from scratch in functionalities and design.

The partner portal is divided into two parts: a public and a private portal. The lather can only be accessed through a log-in. This is where their partners can find news items and blogs that are relevant to them.

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